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HPWC Resistors - High Pulse Withstanding Resistors

TT Electronics is a global supplier of engineered electronic components for applications where performance is critical. As such it has launched the line of high pulse withstanding chip (HPWC) range of resistors capable of handling high energy surges.

The HPWC resistors are meant to push the level of surge competence of a design incorporating a single-sided flat chip as high as possible. This range is ideal to protect and to channel discharges in small or lightweight power supplies and power control circuits, which have a mandatory resistance tolerance of five percent.


The following are some salient features of HPWC resistors:

  • Resistances from 1 R0 to 100 K
  • Four sizes available, from 0.805 to 2.512
  • Up to 6.5 kV peak is guaranteed for a surge of 1.2/50 μs, and up to 3 kW peak for a pulse of 0.1 ms duration
  • Ensures very high surge protection for a small device


With industrial and automated platforms requiring more systems of distributed power management and motion control, along with a more compact build, and the need to comply with EMC regulations for surge protection products, this type of resistor is coming into much greater demand.

The compact size of the mount on the PCB makes it possible for HPCW resistors to minimize their footprint on the PCB, at the same time avoiding any need for laser trimming. This makes sure that there is no crowding of the current and therefore no hotspot generation, in turn enhancing the reliability of the product.

The HPCW resistors from TT Electronics thus reduce the area occupied on the PCB to the minimum, freeing up more precious PCB space for other components. This line is also known to yield increased surge performance compared to similar parts from rival companies.


HPCW resistors have a much better capacity to absorb surges in energy, and are thus ideal for use in power supplies and circuit breakers, motor drives and input protection for medical monitors.

The thick-film design of these resistors also makes them well-suited to integration into lightweight and small SMD circuits for various applications dealing with power conversion, motion control and protection of various sensitive devices in both industry and medicine.

Physical Data

The HPCW line of resistors may be legitimately viewed as the next development of the pulse withstanding chip (PWC) range from TT Electronics. However, this advanced line is marked by the use of very precise process control to adapt resistance values, rather than laser trimming.

The advantage of using this method is the much greater surge protection available from a single-sided flat chip design, providing resistance values which range from 1 R0 to 100 K, in four different sizes from 0805 to 2512. The ratings of these chips range from 0.25 to 2 W. These HPCW resistors are capable of ensuring up to 6.5 kV peak for a surge of 1.2/50 μs, and up to 3 kW for a pulse of 0.1 ms.

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