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High Value Surface Mounted Resistors - HR0603

TT Electronics makes HR0603 resistors in a range of values from 10 M to 20 G, and with tolerance values down to 5 percent. These resistors are used to build applications like infrared sensors, high gain amplifiers, glass break sensors, smoke and gas sensors, and medical monitoring devices.


  • Very flexible, custom designs and sizes available
  • A range of resistances up to 50 G ohms
  • Options for terminations that can be used for soldering or wire bonding
  • The voltage coefficient of resistance is very low

Power Rating

Since resistors have high resistances by definition, they dissipate very little power. For this reason the rating is set to voltage rather than current. They are rated from 50 V for the 0503 resistors to 200 V for resistor sizes of 1206.

Physical Data

The physical data of the HR0603 resistors is as given below:

If a circuit design is aimed at achieving high ohmic values at a steady level in a small-sized PCB field, the HR high ohmic value resistor range is designed for reliability to achieve lower field failure rates in comparison to solutions involving multichips connected in series.

The low voltage coefficient of resistance of these resistors is low and this makes them flexible, along with the availability of custom designs and sizes.


The material of the resistor is received by a 96% alumina substrate via screen printing. This is then coated with a protective layer of glaze covered by an organic layer to insulate the device.


All the data needed on the device is printed on the package or reel.


The resistor terminations are planar or single-sided, made of gold, for wire bonding, but wrap around type for soldering.


The HR resistors have wrap around terminations with high resistance to leaching, which enables their immersion in solder at 260 °C for 30 seconds.

Performance Data

Application Notes


The HR chip resistors are rectangular in shape, making them highly suitable for automatic handling when the small dimensional tolerances are also considered. Wire bonding can be done using the planar terminations, to connect them electrically to a ceramic substrate or a printed circuit board, or alternatively this can be done using reflow soldering of a wrap around termination.

The F terminations have high leach resistance and so provide dependable contact. Their strong build means that the resistor chip can survive immersion in the solder bath for 30 seconds at 260 °C. Due to this property the resistor chip and wire-leaded parts may be mounted on either side of a printed circuit. However, during use the resistor must be kept dry to keep leakage from occurring. Moisture as such does not cause any damage to the resistor.


These resistor chips are taped and reeled on standard tape of 8 mm dimensions to IEC 286-3.

Planar Terminations

These chips come in waffle packs.

Ordering Procedure

The diagram below illustrates the procedure for ordering HR resistor chips.

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