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SMD Power Inductors - HA66 Series

TT Electronics launched the HA66 line of SMD power inductors to meet the need for small but powerful inductors in applications where size is limited.

The HA66 inductors are built small, have low loss, and are ferrite-based, as well as meeting AEC-2000 certification standards. This makes them ideal for applications which demand high dependability and for auto applications.


The power inductors in the HA66 series are well-suited for DC/DC converters that involve high switching frequencies up to 3 MHz, in combination with EMI and low pass DC filters. Some of the applications they can be used for include:

  • Transportation
    • Engine control
    • Power train
    • Control of transmission
    • LED driver
    • ABS braking systems
    • EPS
    • Radar systems
    • Camera control systems
  • Industrial applications
    • Systems for automation of processes
    • DC-DC converters




The HA66 inductor series comprises 38 inductors in various sizes of package. They have inductances rated from 2.5 μH to 220 μH, while their DC resistances go from 0.018 to 0.820 Ω, and lrms values going from 1.22 to 11.2 A.


The HA66 inductors are suitable for use in harsh environments since the parts can operate at ranges between -40 to +125 °C, while the ambient temperature is up to 85 °C, and the maximum temperature rise is 40 °C.


  1. Isat denotes the saturation current, or the value at which the inductance goes off by about 35% from zero DC, its original value
  2. Irms denotes the approximate strength of the current when ∆T=40 °C


The inductors of HA66 series are compliant to RoHS and AEC-Q200 standards. They are supplied in embossed tapes or reels of 1000 or 2000 units.

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