Continuous Monitoring of and Multi-Level Calibration with the CHROM-LINK

The OI Analytical CHROM-LINK® is a complete instrument control and monitoring data acquisition system dedicated to a single MINICAMS® monitor. CHROM-LINK collects all MINICAMS data that consists of concentration and status reports, chromatograms, calibrations, as well as all related operating conditions into a relational database through the use of a Windows® operating system.

This interface allows users to produce a wide variety of reports that can subsequently provide a complete audit trail of chemical-monitoring activities and instrument performance. The CHROMLINK also automatically performs reliable backup and archiving of air monitoring and chromatographic data, either on demand or following a predetermined schedule.

Product Features

  • Chromatogram collection
  • Reporting and auditing capabilities
  • Multi-level calibration options available
  • Curve-fitting options
  • Remote instrument control
  • Equipped with a library of established methods
  • Setup and configuration procedures are monitored
  • Package includes:
    • Multi-Level Calibration
    • Analytical Methods Library
    • Simulated LCD screen
    • Various other MINICAMS control functions
  • Compound history view provides users with a wide range of information, of which includes:
    • Data tracking of MINICAMS performance over time
      • Detector sensitivity
      • Calibration frequency
      • Analytical standard consistency
  • User can easily recover logged data and copy data to other applications
  • Optional CHROM-LINK® Software
    • Allows off-line review of archived data
  • Navigation tools provide users with an easy transition from the concentration report screen to corresponding chromatogram, operating parameters, or other data views
  • Filtering features make preparation of concise event reports possible

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