Detecting Halogen with the Series 4000 MINICAMS

The OI Analytical Series 4000 MINICAMS Halogen Specific Detector is an automatic and easily transported air monitoring system. It is capable of reliably detecting and performing near real-time monitoring of chemical agents, precursors, simulants and selected toxic industrial compounds, particularly volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and certain gaseous inorganic compounds that are present in ambient air and other environments.

In the event that these compounds are detected in the monitored areas, the MINICAMS provides the user with a rapid notification of the alarm while maintaining a continuous operation that requires little to no maintenance. Based on the functional principles of capillary gas chromatography (GC), the MINICAMS is a fully quantitative analytical system that can perform routine multiple-compound monitoring.

The Halogen Specific Detector (XSD) is a highly-sensitive and selective system that is used to detect the presence of chlorinated compounds through thermionic emission detection. Through the high temperature reactor present within the XSD, chlorinated compounds can enter and eventually generate free chlorine atoms that are adsorbed onto an active platinum surface.

As a result, thermionic emission is generated from the platinum surface, thereby generating a detectable signal current. The XSD is a flameless detector that only requires compressed air to perform detector operations.

Product Features

  • Flameless detector
  • Small and lightweight design
  • Simple to operate
  • Minimal routine maintenance requirements
  • Equipped with a small and stand-alone monitor
    • Can be used for both single or multiple sampling points in field applications
    • Suitable for selected vehicle mounted applications
  • Plug-in GC module
  • Networking communications hardware for large installations
  • Interface available for Facility Control System
  • Additional data acquisition and report features available with the addition of CHROM-LINK®
  • Multiple-analyte monitoring for up to eight compounds

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