Dual Detection of Aromatic and Halogen Compounds with the 5350 Tandem PID/ELCD

The OI Analytical Model 5350 Tandem Photoionization Detector/Electrolytic Conductivity Detector (PID/ELCD) is a well-designed instrument that performs dual detection of both aromatic and halogen compounds.

By combining both the Model 4430 PID and Model 5320 ELCD detectors into a single unit, the Model 5350 eliminates the need for separate analyses of aromatic and halogen compounds to be performed while also increasing efficiency and requiring minimal counter space in the process.

Furthermore, the unique design of this system also eliminates the need for any transfer lines and also only requires a single detector port. The 5350 Tandem PID/ELCD is compatible with most GC manufacturer’s instruments.

Product Features

  • Unique tandem design
    • Eliminates the need for transfer lines
    • Minimizes dead volume
    • Utilizes a single GC detector port
  • Detectors can be used together or separately, as designated by the user
  • Patented UV Lamp Window Sweep™ design
    • Minimizes fouling from window surface contamination
  • Exclusive Lampsaver™ circuit
    • Can be programmed to turn PID lamp off after a specified period to improve lamp life
    • Incorporates quick change
    • Provides disposable deionizing resin cartridge
    • Is equipped with a simplified solvent system
  • Reactor design utilizes brass and graphite/Vespel® ferrules rather than those composed of solid graphite
  • Programmable solvent venting through GC timed event

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