Detecting Alkanes and other Saturated Hydrocarbons with the 4430 Photoionization Detector (PID)

The OI Analytical Model 4430 Photoionization Detector (PID) is a uniquely-designed gas chromatograph (GC) that selectively detects and measures the presence of both aromatic and olefinic hydrocarbons when present in solutions containing alkanes and other saturated hydrocarbons.

Through the use of OI Analytical’s patented Window Sweep™ design, the Model 4430 prevents the sample stream from coming into contact with and potentially contaminating the lamp window.

Furthermore, this unique design also allows analysis of photosensitive compounds, which would otherwise combine to form a polymer on the window surface.

Product Features

  • UV-lamp Window Sweep design
    • Minimizes fouling from window surface contamination
  • Lampsaver™ circuit
    • Extends lamp lifetime by turning the system off when not in use
  • Direct interface to ELCD, XSD, or FID to form tandem detector systems
  • Only one detector port required
  • Detector vent allows for undesirable sample solvents to escape the detection process
  • Compatible with both packed and capillary columns
  • Custom engineered to fit specific GC models
  • Easy operation
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

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