Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System - C230M

The C230M Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System is manufactured and designed based on the coulometric sensor method (aka. equal pressure method). It conforms to ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622 and ISO 15105-2.

It is an instrument that can be used to measure the oxygen transmission rate of barrier materials with high, and medium barrier properties with high accuracy and high efficiency.

The C230M Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System features Labthink’s patented design of integrated test block made up of three permeation cells. Provided with a high precision coulometric sensor and Labthink’s professional computer-controlled system, it has the ability to control and regulate the temperature, humidity and flow rate precisely, this guarantees high sensitivity and excellent repeatability of test results.

C230M applies to the determination of oxygen permeability of plastic films, paper, sheeting and other packaging materials used in food, medical, pharmaceutical apparatus, consumer products, photovoltaic and electronic industries, etc. Optional accessories allow for the testing of complete packages and systems such as bottles, cartons, pouches, blister packs, tubes and more.

Technical Specifications

Table 1: Test Parameters

  Parameter Model C230M (2019)
Test Range cm3/(m2•d) (Standard) 0.01 ~ 5000
cc/(100in2•day) 0.0007 ~ 322
cm3/(pkg•d)(Package) 0.00005 ~ 25
Resolution cm3/(m2•day) 0.001
Repeatability cm3/(m2•day) 0.01 or 2%
Test Temperature °C 10 ~ 55 ±0.2
Test Humidity RH 0%, 5% ~ 90%±1%, 100%
Additional Functions Package Test (3L Max.)
DataShieldTM Note2
Computer System required by GMP
CFR21 Part11


Table 2: Technical Specifications

. .
Test Chamber 3 test chambers
Specimen Size 108 mm X 108 mm
Specimen Thickness ≤3 mm
Standard Test Area 50 cm2
Carrier Gas 99.999% High-purity Nitrogen (outside of supply scope)
Carrier Gas Pressure ≥0.28 MPa/40.6psi
Port Size 1/8 inch metal tubing

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