Rub Tester for Testing Abrasion Resistance of Surface Coating Layers of Printed Materials - RT-01

Expertly designed for the abrasion resistance test of surface coating layers of printed materials (for example, ink layer or photosensitive (PS) coating), the RT-01 Rub Tester can effectively analyze three different issues: poor hardness of the coating layers of printed materials, the ink layer falling off, and the problems of poor abrasion resistance.

Technical Specifications

Specifications RT-01 Rub Tester
Rub Pressure 8.9 N(2 lb); 17.8 N(4 lb)
Rub Speed 21, 42, 85, 106 cpm
Rub Mode Arc Reciprocating Movement
Rub Times 0 ~ 999999
Number of Specimens 1 ~ 2
Power Supply 220 VAC 50 Hz / 120 VAC 60 Hz
Instrument Dimension 485 mm (L) x 390 mm (W) x 230 mm (H)
Net Weight 40 kg

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