Determination of Nitrogen, Carbon, and Sulfur - vario MAX Cube

As one of the most widely used standard techniques around the world, the Dumas combustion method is known for its highly accurate and rapid determination of nitrogen present in various products, such as those within the agricultural industry.

As compared to the wet chemical Kjeldahl method, the Dumas combustion method is superior in terms of its speed, safety and environmental friendliness. In fact, this technique is capable of conducting a representative analysis of a natural product which typically requires a larger sample size of up to 1 gram or more.

As a pioneer in the development of both organic elemental and macro sized sample analysis, Elementar in Germany originally introduced the macro N analyzer in 1988. At the time, the macro N analyzer was the world's first combustion type nitrogen analyzer that could be used for samples weighing up to 3 g through the use of reusable steel crucibles.

With the longest tradition in macro analyzer design combined with state of the art electronics, software and robotics, the vario MAX cube is a leading analyzer for its exceptional analytical performance, reliability, cost and speed of analysis.

Product Features

Largest sample size

  • Up to 5 g sample weight for CN analysis
  • Depending on the mode, up to 500 mg C & N absolute can be measured

90 position autosampler

  • Utilized for 5 ml steel crucibles for solids and liquids with virtually unlimited life
  • Automatic ash removal
  • Rechargeable at any time; even during operation

Highest speed of analysis

  • Requires less than 4 min for N (sample to sample)

High sample throughput

  • Eliminates any potential interruption through the use of both blank and recalibration measurements

Highest precision rates

  • e.g. 5 ppm N in beer or 10 ppm C in soil

Extreme long-time stability for unattended, fully automated overnight operation

  • Only one blank value check is required each day

Efficient water removal

  • Achieved through the use of both a multistep condenser and Nafion(R) gas dryer
  • Ensures maintenance-free operation, even for continuous series of 2 ml aqueous samples

Fast Determination of Nitrogen - Vario MAX Cube

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