Differentiation of Carbon in Solids - soli TOC® Cube

The accurate determination of TOC present in solids such as wastes is an extremely important tool, especially when involved in the assessment of soils. The new soli TOC cube provides users with the ability to measure both total organic and total inorganic carbon, as well as the concentration of residual oxidizable carbon (ROC).

In addition to classical TOC determination through both direct and subtraction acidification methods, temperature programming, which eliminates the need for the user to perform sample preparation or utilize any acids during the process, can also be used.

Product Features

Unmatched Analytical Performance

  • Temperature is measured directly at the crucible, which eliminates any potential thermal interferences.
  • The use of a post-combustion catalyst ensures that even high carbon-content samples are quantitatively oxidized to result in an equally high measurement quality.

Simplified Sample Preparation

  • Larger samples (grams) can be reliably analyzed by simply weighing the solid samples in the reusable crucibles, placing them on the autosampler and initiating the sequence. This simple procedure allows the soli TOC cube to be the perfect instrument for the precise analysis of inhomogeneous samples.
  • Simple measurement of TOC is achieved while maintaining compliance to DIN 15936. Through this procedure, the sample is directly acidified in the ceramic crucible and, following drying processes, the sample is then immediately delivered immediately to the instrument to ensure a simple, fast and reliable analysis process.

Reliable Analysis

  • Easy to use software allows users to implement predefined methods while also designing custom programs for both heating rate and hold times.
  • Peak integration is automatically performed and can be manually checked. As a result, even the most difficult analyses can produce precise measurements of each individual component.

Impressive Flexibility

  • This system can easily distinguish between different forms of carbon through either temperature programming or a combined temperature program with gas switching. In a single program, TOC, ROC and TIC measurements can be determined simultaneously.
  • The classical method of acidification, drying, and TOC measurement at a constant temperature can also be achieved.

Versatile Instrument for Temperature-Dependent Differentiation of Carbon in Solids - Soli TOC® Cube

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