ONH Analysis in Ceramics and Metals - inductar® ONH cube

Elementar’s inductar ONH cube is an innovative and highly precise elemental analyzer that is capable of simultaneously determining the concentrations of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen present in inorganic materials.

Particularly useful for the analysis of both metallic and ceramic materials, the inductar ONH analyzer is equipped with a long-life and solid-state high-frequency induction furnace that allows sample temperatures to reach as high as 3000 °C.

The ONH analyzer is equipped with some of the most advanced element detection technologies. For example, the analysis of oxygen is achieved through the use of a wide-range IR detector that is capable of detecting the whole concentration range.

Furthermore, the precise analysis of hydrogen concentrations is achieved through the use of a unique electrochemical detection technology, whereas nitrogen concentration analysis is conducted by a well-known thermal conductivity detector. These three analysis components allow for the precise and simultaneous 3-element analysis of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen to be achieved in a single cycle.

Innovative Design and Technology Solutions for Highest Precision

The innovative design of the ONH analyzer, which involves a feeding system and intelligent gas flow direction that reduces the presence of dust and debris, thereby ensuring a high tidiness within the full device to ultimately eliminate the need for the user to perform any tedious cleaning operations.

With tool-free maintenance requirements and an intuitive and multi-language software, the inductar ONH cube is an extremely easy to use system. Moreover, the optional autosampler allows for a fully automated high-throughput operation. In fact, maximum user convenience and robustness is maintained throughout the 24/7 operation of this system.

The inductar ONH cube fulfills all requirements associated with advanced R&D projects, as well as any routine operation that needs to be performed daily. Users that require the simultaneous detection of up to 5 elements within a single with device can upgrade this system to the inductar EL cube.

Simultaneous ONH Elemental Analysis in Ceramics and Metals - inductar® ONH cube

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