Elemental Analysis in Inorganic Material - inductar® EL cube

Elementar’s inductar EL cube is a newly developed inorganic elemental analyzer that, for the first time in history, is capable of simultaneously analyzing 5 elements at once. By setting new standards in flexibility and precision, the inductar El cube’s innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology are one of a kind.

Equipped with a long-life solid-state high-frequency induction furnace, this system can reach sample temperatures of up to 3000 °C. Additionally, the use of an optional camera allows the operator to observe gas release in real-time. The detection of carbon, sulfur and oxygen concentrations are achieved through the use of a wide-range IR detector that is capable to detect the full concentration range.

In addition, the precise determination of hydrogen is achieved through the use of an innovative detection technology, whereas nitrogen concentrations can be detected through TCD technology.

Innovative Design and Technology Solutions for Highest Precision and Versatility

The inductar EL cube’s innovative design incorporates a feeding system and intelligent gas flow direction that reduces the presence of both dust and debris to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness throughout the entire device to ultimately eliminate the need for any tedious cleaning operations.

With tool-free maintenance and an intuitive operation, the inductar EL cube is an easy to use and highly efficient system for a wide range of applications that require lab or quality control procedures to be conducted.

Furthermore, the optional autosampler with up to 89 positions allows users to experience a completely autonomous operation to achieve maximum user convenience and robustness throughout its 24/7 operation. The advantages of this system have been shown to surpass the previously highest levels of versatility and precision.

High-Temperature Elemental Analysis of C, S, O, N, and H in Inorganic Materials - inductar® EL cube

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