N/Protein Analyzer - rapid MAX N exceed

Elementar’s rapid MAX N exceed is the first N/protein analyzer that functions according to the Dumas method. By utilizing the highly successful EAS REGAINER® technology, this analyzer can be used for larger sample weights all the while maintaining the highest laboratory efficiency rates at significantly reduced prices per sample.

Through its design, the rapid Max N exceed can autonomously operate 24/7, all the while addressing any high throughput laboratory requirements for a wide range of sample types and weights. The rapid MAX N exceed has been associated with providing users with results that maintain outstanding precision and sensitivity rates while maintaining exceptional sample flexibility.

Product Features

  • Ease of use
    • Post-combustion technology ensures the complete digestion of even the most challenging species that typically require more intense digestion procedures, usually difficult to combust.
    • Reduces a significant amount of time in terms of sample preparation by eliminating the need for grinding or milling procedures.
  • Highest sample throughput
    • rapid N/protein determination is achieved in as little as 5 minutes.
    • In conjunction with the 90 position autosampler, as many as 300 samples can be analyzed each day.
    • The proprietary EAS REGAINER® technology allows users to run more than 1000 samples without requiring the exchange of a reducing agent. As a result, users can enjoy outstanding low maintenance intervention requirements to ensure an industry-leading system uptime.
  • Sample flexibility
    • The upright crucible design ensures an optimal combustion of any kind of liquid samples such as milk, beer, soft drinks, juice, soy sauce and many others.
    • Reliably high and matrix-independent data quality is achieved through the combined post-combustion technology.
    • Solid samples of 1 g can be easily measured while maintaining highly precise and accurate results.
  • Future-proof investment
    • Guaranteed 10 year warranty on furnace and thermoconductivity detector (TCD).
    • Elementar provides users with any necessary spare parts for a minimum of 10 years, thereby resulting in an outstanding low total cost of ownership while also ensuring that customers remain confident in the return of their investment.

N/Protein Analyzer - Rapid MAX N Exceed

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