Colloid Stability Analyzer for Crude and Fuel Oil – Turbiscan OILSERIES

Turbiscan® is an internationally known product range of instruments capable of early-stage detection of a wide variety of destabilization processes such as coalescence, flocculation, creaming and sedimentation.

The Turbiscan® Oil Series, is a stability analyzer specially designed for heavy fuel and crude oils  analysis in both the oil and petroleum industries. It has proven to be useful tool for studies involving asphaltenes, dispersant efficiency, emulsification and blend compatibility characterization.

Product Features

Heavy Fuel Stability

The instrument is a part of recognized method, object of dedicated method ASTM D7061, specifically designed for heavy fuel analysis and determination of separability number of asphaltene containing heavy fuel oils.

Stability Measurements

  • Quantitative monitoring of dispersion stability
  • Shelf life and long-term stability analysis
  • Migration velocity

Portable and Robust Tool

Specifically designed as a portable device with its compact design and light weight (<5 kg), the unit can be easily transported from the research and development lab to on-field analysis.

Quick Detection of Instabilities

All destabilization processes including aggregation, agglomeration, floculation, sedimentation and creaming can be detected, monitored and characterized in several minutes as a result of rapid scan frequency.

Technical Features

Technology S-MLS 850 nm
Sample Cell Volume 7 mL
Temperature range RT
Number of Samples 1
Maximum sample conc. 60% v/v
Measured size range 10 nm - 1mm
Reproducibility / Repeatability 0.25% / 0.1%
Acquisition scan step 20 µm
Automatic samples recognition (bar-code) No
ISO Certification TR 13097 Compliant
Dimensions 34 x 16 x 29 cm
Weight 5 kg
Turbiscan Oil Series

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