Compact and Robust Colloid Stability Analyzer - Turbiscan CLASSIC2

The Turbiscan CLASSIC 2 stability analyzer provides users with a rapid identification and ability to monitor destabilization mechanisms, some of which include creaming, sedimentation, flocculation and coalescence processes, to ensure a highly accurate stability analysis.

Applicable for both research and development and quality control laboratories, the Turbiscan CLASSIC 2 is a useful tool for the development and routine control of raw materials and final product formulations.

By detecting destabilization up to 200 times faster compared to visual testing techniques, the CLASSIC 2 enables to anticipate at an early stage any stability issues with emulsion, dispersion, suspension or foam.... Various formulations can be studied through, even when present at high concentrations, without requiring any prior sample preparation or dilution to be performed.

Product Features

Rapid and Reliable Stability Analysis

Concentrations of up to 60% can be characterized in their native state giving a unique insight into the true stability of the formulation. The measurement of all phenomena are carried out without dilution or mechanical stress, thus under real conditions.

Measurement of Stability

  • Quantitative monitoring of dispersion stability
  • Migration velocity
  • Shelf life and long-term stability analysis

Rapid Detection of Instabilities

Aggregation, sedimentation, floculation, agglomeration, creaming can be detected, monitored and characterized within minutes due to rapid scan frequency - adaptable to phenomena kinetics.

Compact and Robust Design

  • Specifically designed for R&D labs
  • The compact design and light weight nature allows this tool to be easily transported for on-field analysis

Technical Features

Technology S-MLS 850 nm
Sample Cell Volume 7 mL
Temperature range RT
Number of Samples 1
Maximum sample conc. 60% v/v
Measured size range 10 nm - 1 mm
Reproducibility / Repeatability 0.25% / 0.1%
Acquisition scan step 20 µm
Automatic samples recognition (bar-code) No
ISO Certification TR 13097 Compliant
Dimensions 34 x 16 x 29 cm
Weight 5 kg

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