Using Streak Tube for Physics Research

Femtosecond Speed with Spatial-Temporal Resolution

The Streak Tubes from Photonis have established the industry standard for overall quality, improving timing, sensitivity, and resolution. The Streak Tubes are designed to provide spatial resolution up to 50 lp/mm, exposure times less than 10 ns in framing mode, or temporal resolution to sub-picosecond in streak mode, making them a multipurpose solution to support a broad range of applications.


Researchers will appreciate the broad range and superior quality of the Photonis Streak Tubes. Whether the application is ballistics, microscopy, biology, physics research, or femtochemistry, the Streak Tubes deliver the timing and resolution needed by the research.

The Streak Tubes are applied in streak, framing, or synchroscan modes, with a wide variety of available photocathodes for detection from low energy X-ray to near infrared. The high sensitivity, low noise photocathodes offer exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, high uniformity, and a high shutter ratio, while bilamellar electron optics support femtosecond temporal and very high spatial resolution.

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