Reflection Lenses Simplify Cleaning

Single Piece Reflectron Lens Simplifies Cleaning

The innovative one-piece reflectron lens from Photonis provides a simpler solution to the stacked ring reflectron lens without compromising the segmented ion flow. This exceptional plug-and-play tube is designed to regulate positive or negative ion flow for Time of Flight Mass Spectrometers.


A reflectron lens made with Resistive Glass offers a solid single-piece assembly replacement for a stacked ring assembly, while still providing the ability to manipulate or modify ion flow. Photonis’ patented Resistive Glass technology gives Photonis’ reflectron lens the ability to create excellent linearity and enhance overall instrumental performance. Due to its simplified design, Photonis’ reflectron lenses are easier to clean and maintain, thus offering substantial benefits over traditional assemblies.

How a Reflectron Lens Works

How a Reflectron lens works

Learning Highlight

The reflectron lens by Photonis was designed to be a major improvement over the stacked ring assemblies used in Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry. To compare, the Resistive Glass reflectron offered equal or better performance in an orthogonal TOF system than a traditional stacked ring reflectron (as shown in the Figure below).


Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry: The Reflectron tubes are used in TOF-MS instruments to separate particles and modify the ion flow. These Resistive Glass tubes act as reliable and effective ion guides that aid overall analysis.

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