Gel & Blot Imaging Applications with UVP ChemStudio / UVP ChemStudio PLUS

Analytik-Jena have used their 50 years of experience to design the UVP ChemStudio series of Imaging Systems for use in gel imaging and chemiluminescence imaging. The UVP ChemStudio PLUS and UVP ChemStudio PLUS touch are extremely powerful tools for any life sciences lab conducting research in the fields of proteomics and genomics.

The UVP ChemStudio can be used for high resolution imaging of protein blots and gels, DNA gels, Western and fluorescent blots, colony plates, blue light gels, and many dyes and stains. No film is required by the system to take images.

The UVP ChemStudio PLUS touch is an independently operated system which requires minimal lab space. For labs with specific IT needs the system can also be provided as an external computer application for the UVP ChemStudio PLUS.

Main Features

  • Imaging is possible over an area of 25 x 26 cm, providing optimum imaging for a range of applications
  • High-resolution, high-contrast imaging possible using cooled 8.1 MP CCD camera, using a f/0.95 zooming lens and state-of-the-art optics for the imaging of fluorescent and colored samples.
  • System is controlled via a 15.6” touchscreen that displays several tasks at once, facilitating multitasking, and also save and digitally transfer data to other systems
  • Lighting achieved using transilluminator (UV and White Light) or Epi Illumination (White and accessory)
  • Excitations in the entire visible range (400 – 800 nm) is possible using the UVP eLITE MultiSpectral Light Source
  • UV protection shield protects transluminator and imager from UV radiation
  • Equipped with “Slide2Hide” door for easy access and minimal clutter
  • Five-position automated filter is easily accessible
  • Included software, VisionWorks®, for data acquisition and analysis can be used to edit and optimize images, and allows imaging settings to be saved for future experiments

Product Information

Enhanced and improved imaging is made possible by the UVP ChemStudio PLUS/UVP ChemStudio PLUS touch. The imagers make imaging easy through their “Slide2Hide” doors, for easy darkroom access, an easily navigated interface, UV protection, and a space-efficient Thin-Line Transilluminator.

Making Research Easy and Efficient

The provided VisionWorks® Software system allows researchers to automate their research and receive consistent results. This automation encompasses all aspects of the imaging process including illumination, selection of emission filters, magnification and the power of the system. The level of automation is controlled through the running of either default or user-prompted settings, and users can easily switch between light sources with the touch of a button.

The system also allows users to save experiments as actions that can be run again. Analysis of colony populations, gels, membranes, and plates is made simple with automated procedures for the calculation of area density, macros and 1D analysis. In addition, image editing is also possible, with files exportable in either JPEG and TIFF formats.

Software image editing means there is no need for hazardous processing chemicals and film to be used. The software is fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

The systems darkroom is equipped with a Thin-Line Transilluminator, a compact lighting unit that provides high-intensity, uniform UV illumination. The lighting is easily accessed via a slide-out tray.

The transilluminator uses long-life UV lamps that require little maintenance and their lifetime is independent of the amount of times the lighting is switched on and off. The lamps require no warm-up time to function optimally and radiation intensity can be easily switched between low and high depending on what is required.

Putting Safety First

Protection from the UV radiation inside the system is guaranteed by a UV Protection Sheild that also functions when the door of the darkroom is open. The shield is hidden inside the system and does not require separate storage. The shield can be pulled down as and when required and the angle altered. If the Thin-Line Transilluminator is taken outside the system for prep work the shield still protects users.

To ensure accidental UV exposure does not occur the UVP ChemStudio PLUS has a red indicator to alert users to a UV risk.

Advanced Specifications

Images can be captured at high sensitivity and resolution thanks to the systems 8.1 MP camera (also available at 16.2 MP) and a high zoom 42.5 mm, f/0.95 lens.

The system can be adapted for different types of research by augmentation. This includes UVP Visi-White LED Plates for research using Silver Stains or Coomassie blue, and UVP Visi-Blue Converter Plates for research involving blue excitations such as SYBR Green (460-470 nm) and GelGreen.

Excitations in the entire visible (400 – 800 nm) are also possible using the UVP eLITE MultiSpectral Light Source. This source provides intense, uniforming illumination due to its Xenon light engine.

Excellent Service

Analytik-Jena provide constantly available technical and application support to help researchers solve their problems. In addition, customers can also purchase on-site support and IQ/OQ (Installation and Qualification) Documents

The UVP ChemStudio PLUS can be used to take high-quality images fit for any publication.

Specifications and Features

. .
Camera Resolution 3296 x 2472 pixels (8.1 MP)
Lens 42.5 mm, f/0.95, motorized zoom lens
Data Depth 16 bit
File Depth 16 bit
Filter Wheel Five-position automated filter wheel
Light Sources
  • Overhead white light included and optional UV light
  • Thin-line transilluminator (25 x 26 cm filter size). Includes 302nm UV with Low and High intensity control.
  • UVP Visi-Blue™ Transilluminator with 460 nm
  • UVP Visi-White™ Transilluminator
Darkroom Features
  • 41 kg (90 Ibs), 47 x 43 x 83 cm (18.5 x 17.1 x 32.6 in)
  • 15.6"” integrated, multi-touch computer (UVP ChemStudio PLUS touch only)
  • Slide2Hide door
  • Thin-Line Transilluminator in a pull-out tray
  • Integrated, slide-down, UV Protection shield
  • UV On Indicator Light
  • 7 USB 2.0 ports
  • Access port for optional UVP eLITE Light Source
Accessories Included
  • Ethidium bromide filter
  • VisionWorks® Software for image capture and enhancement (multiple copies available)
  • UVP Fluorescent Focus Target
  • UV Gel Tray
  • Keyboard and mouse (UVP ChemStudio PLUS touch only)



  • Blue/White gels
  • Chemiluminescent Blots
  • Colorimetric
  • Colony Counting
  • Coomassie blue
  • DNA gels
  • Fluorescent dyes
  • Gel imaging
  • Multiplex Imaging
  • Protein gels
  • Plant Imaging

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