Genomic and Proteomic Analyzer - UVP GelStudio / UVP GelStudio Touch

Using over five decades of experience Analytik-Jena have designed for the UVP GelStudio, and UVP GelStudio touch; the next generation of gel imagers for use in proteomics and genomics labs.

The UVP GelStudio is designed for the filmless, high-resolution imaging of protein gels, DNA gels, GelGreen, Coomassie Blue, SYBR Green, and many other genomic applications. This system is operated via PC for labs with specific IT requirements. The system is also available as the UVP GelStudio touch, an independent stand-alone version, with its own integrated computer.

Main Features

  • Designed to provide rapid imaging at high sensitivity for low light applications
  • Flexible, high-resolution imaging using 5.0 MP 315 camera
  • Compact Thin-Line Transilluminator, located in pull out tray, for imaging of 21 x 17 cm area
  • Lighting can be augmented with UVP Visi-Blue™ LED Transilluminator, UVP Visi-White™ LED Plate, UVP eLITE MultiSpectral Light Source (400 – 800 nm) or fiber optic transilluminator
  • Close to lens blot imaging possible using blot tray
  • Further features include a 13.3” touchscreen (UVP GelStudio touch) and automated filter wheel
  • USB port for the export of data
  • Analytik-Jena are always available for customer support

Product Information

Analytik-Jena’s UVP GelStudio gives researchers the ultimate imaging experience due to its intense and uniform illumination, from a compact Thin-Line Transilluminator, to its integrated touch-controlled 13.3” panel.

Making Lab Work Simple and Efficient

A Thin-Line Transilluminator is used to fill the darkroom with intense, consistent UV light over an area of 21 x 17 cm. The transilluminator is easily accessed, via a slide-out tray, users are protected from UV by a shield and the illumination source is provided with an Ethidium bromide filter.

The systems lighting unit possesses long-life UV lamps which are guaranteed to fulfill their stated lifetime regardless of how many times they are turned on and off. The Thin-Line Transilluminator immediately provides full intensity illumination from the moment it is turned on, and the intensity of radiation can be switched between low and high, depending on what is required, at the push of a button.

Filters are contained in an easily accessed slide out tray, which contains a five-position filter wheel. The illumination system is completely automated and is used to cover samples with white, blue, green or red light. More lighting options, such as IR, 150 mW, and 80 mW, are possible using additional modules to complement the instruments 5.0 MP camera with automatic zoom lenses (8 to 48 mm, f/1.2).

The provided VisionWorks® software can be used to automate routine operation of the UVP GelStudio via a PC, or for the GelStudio touch via the integrated touch/stylus operated computer. If a mouse or keyboard is required this can be integrated via the systems 7 USB ports. VisionWorks® makes work in the lab more efficient, freeing up researchers time for other projects.

The system settings offer control over the camera zoom and focus, the lighting, the emission filter chosen and enhancement/compositing of the image. The system has 4 GB of memory (with 16 GB available as an upgrade) for the saving of data, with the ability to transfer data through the USB port.

VisionWorks® can be used for the automatic acquisition and analysis of data including colony counting, area density, and 1D quantification. Reports can also be automatically generated for the Rf, molecular weight (MW), band intensities and more; all of which can be transferred for external storage. This software can be accessed at any time, in unlimited amounts, and adheres to 21 CFR Part 11.

Keeping you Safe

The UVP GelStudio uses a red alert light to indicate if the system is producing UV, to ensure that researchers are never accidentally exposed.

Analytik-Jena provide constantly available technical and application support to help researchers solve their problems. Bioengineers are also available for help in solving specific application problems. In addition, customers can also purchase on-site support and IQ/OQ (Installation and Qualification) Documents.

Specifications and Features

. .
Camera Resolution 2592 x 1944 pixels (5.0 MP)
Lens 8-48 mm, f/1.2, automated zoom lens
Data Depth 12 bit
File Depth 16 bit
Filter Wheel Five-position automated filter wheel
Light Sources
  • Overhead red, green, blue & white light included.
  • Overhead IR1, Laser Diode 80 mW, 650 nm
  • Overhead IR2, Laser Diode 150 mW, 780 nm
  • Thin-line transilluminator (16.8 x 21 cm filter size). Includes 302 nm UV with LOW and HIGH intensity control
  • UVP Visi-Blue™ Transilluminator with 460 nm
  • UVP Visi-White™ Transilluminator
Darkroom Features
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Dimensions: 18 x 24 x15 in (46 x 61 x 38 cm)
  • 13.3” integrated, multi-touch computer (UVP GelStudio touch only)
  • Thin-Line Transilluminator in a pull-out tray
  • Integrated, slide-down, UV Protection shield
  • UV On indicator light
  • 7 USB 2.0 ports
  • Access port for optional UVP eLITE MultiSpectral Light Source
Accessories Included
  • Ethidium bromide filter
  • VisionWorks® Acquisition and Analysis Software for image capture and enhancement (multiple copies available)
  • UVP Fluorescent Focus Target
  • UVP Gel Tray
  • Keyboard and mouse (UVP GelStudio touch only)


  • Coomassie Blue
  • Colorimetric
  • Colony counting
  • Blue/White gels
  • DNA gels
  • Gel Imaging
  • Fluorescent dyes
  • Protein gels
  • Plant imaging
  • Multiplex imaging (with an upgraded system)

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