How to Measure Accurate Titration with the TitroLine® 7000

Generally, 10-15 user methods are enough for most lab requirements. However, sometimes more capacity is needed. The SI Analytics Titroline 7000 can store up to 50 user methods.

Wireless sensor recognition for SCHOTT instruments ID-electrodes ensures the greatest safety in measurements and calibration. These new electrodes with definite identification send data wirelessly to the titrator, meaning that the Titroline 7000 always uses the correct calibration data. Erroneous measurements are not included.

The pH stat application allows a given pH to be kept constant after initial adjustment, using acids or bases. The pH stat application is ideal for:

  • Determination of enzyme activity
  • pH stat elution of a soil sample at pH 4
  • Monitoring of the pH value during chemical syntheses

The Titroline 7000 is also ideal for non-aqueous titrations. Separate indicator, reference or auxiliary electrodes are not needed, thanks to the built-in amplifier. This is perfectly suited for non-aqueous solvent applications such as:

  • Determination of acid and base numbers in oils
  • Titrations in glacial acetic acid with perchloric acid
  • Hydroxyl, NCO (Isocyanate) number and further specific values

The Titroline 7000 can detect and calculate up to two equivalence points during a single titration. This allows the determination of calcium and magnesium hardness in water, rather than just the overall total hardness.

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