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Compact and Efficient Pressurized Nitrogen Generators

NitroBOX offers a compact and easy solution to generate pressurized nitrogen directly where it is required, for laser cutting, and every other application, where there is a need for high purity nitrogen.

Quality Nitrogen, Quality Cut

NitroBOX produces high purity of nitrogen that makes it possible to cut up to 20 mm thick stainless steel, with a sharp and shiny cut edge.

Simple and Efficient Nitrogen

NitroBOX is specifically designed and developed to enable a fast and easy installation. This provides on-site nitrogen supply at preferred pressure, making it a real Plug&Play system.

Yes, it’s Really that Simple!

NitroBOX needs only compressed air (already exists in the facility or generated with a compressor) and a power supply, with considerable savings in cost and time.

NitroBOX is ready to use immediately.

The PSA technology allows nitrogen to be produced directly from ambient air, without the use of chemicals.

NitroBOX independently generates the nitrogen required for cutting at 40 bar.

From the NitroBOX, nitrogen flows to the laser system with flow rates up to 500 Nm³/day..

By adding one or more tanks next to the NitroBOX system, the storage capacity can be easily increased.

On-Site Nitrogen Production

On-site production means no cost for gas transport, no nitrogen waste due to the low residual pressure inside the cylinders, and no downtime to swap cylinders.

On-site production eliminates fluctuations caused by different batches of gas or gas contamination and ensures constant quality of the gas.

On site production also eliminates the need for a high-pressure tank or liquid nitrogen and offers higher safety for laser operators.

Connect and Start

A real Plug & Play system

Technology Comparison

  High Pressure Nitrogen Tanks NitroBOX  
Safety Explosion risk due to cylinders handling and high pressure (200 bar). Full automatic operation with safety check, no cylinders handling.
Economics Nitrogen cost is formed by transport cost, cylinder rental and gas cost. No power needed. Nitrogen cost is only due to the electricity needed to run the air compressor.
Availability Nitrogen supply is subject to gas supplier availability. Downtime due to cylinders switch. Nitrogen is continuously available without interruption - independency from gas suppliers.
Purity Possibility of variations in gas purity due to different batches and contamination. Gas quality is monitored in real time through PLC control.
Logistics Space needed to store tanks, qualified personnel and vehicles needed for their handling. Small footprint, NitroBOX can be installed both indoor and outdoor.


Technical Data

. . Box130 Box200
Nitrogen production m³/day 320 480
Nitrogen Purity % 99,99
Nitrogen pressure bar 40
Nitrogen tank capacity Liters [email protected] bar(g)
Compressed air consumption m³/h [email protected] bar(g) [email protected] bar(g)
Power consumption kWh 3 3,5
Installed power kW 6 6
Voltage 400 V / 50-60 Hz 3 PH + N
Interface Touchscreen display
Noise < 80 dbA (1 meter)
Installation Indoor/Outdoor (covered and not directly exposed to the sun)
Dimensions Cm 300x165x220 h
Weight Kg 2450 2600
Communication RS485, Ethernet
Certifications CE - PED

Compact and Efficient Pressurized Nitrogen Generators

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