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Mars Hydrogen Generators for Research and Analysis Laboratories

The MARS Hydrogen generators from ErreDue spa are built to fulfill the requirements of research and analysis laboratories, assuring customers both maximum ease of use and highest gas purity.

MARS Hydrogen generators

The MARS Hydrogen generators use Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology, which generates compressed, extra-pure hydrogen without the requirement for any external purification or compression system.

PEM electrolysis

PEM electrolysis

The MARS generators only need an electrical supply and distilled water. Caustic solutions are not used.

The MARS Hydrogen generators are suitable for all laboratory applications: as a reagent gas for GCELCD/GC-HALL, as a gas carrier for GCFID/GC-NPD/GC-TCD, or as a collision gas for ICP-MS.

Furthermore, the high purity of the hydrogen created from the MARS generators makes them suitable for use with fuel cells and their metal hydride storage.

Using a gas generator instead of gas cylinders has a number of benefits such as savings on gas cost and cylinder rental, and no machine downtime to swap cylinders or perform maintenance of desiccant cartridges.

The Mars Hydrogen generators with a flow rate from 150 to 1200 ml/minute can fulfill every laboratory's gas requirement.

Besides, ErreDue can engineer custom products to ensure the highest flexibility.

The Mars Hydrogen generators are fitted with a touchscreen display that shows in real time self-diagnostic functions with alarms for leak detection, flow rate and output pressure, and water level. Also, because of the RS485 and Ethernet connections, the Mars Hydrogen generators can be easily connected to any remote monitoring device.

The Mars Hydrogen generators are designed to be connected in parallel, without the need for optional components.

The output pressure is electronically modifiable up to 10 bar using the display.

The Mars Hydrogen generators are offered in two versions:

  • The "N" version, available with flow rate up to 400 mL/minute, is fitted with a cartridge dryer, for easy maintenance.
  • The "D" version, available on all models, is fitted with a self-regenerating TSA dryer which is maintenance free.

Technical Features

. . MARS 150 MARS 250 MARS 400 MARS 600 MARS 800 MARS 1000 MARS 1200
Production Capacity ml/min 150 250 400 600 800 1000 1200
Maximum Gas Pressure bar 6 bar (N version ) - 10 bar (D version)
Gas Purity % 99.99999
Power Supply   110-120 V 60 Hz / 220-240 V 50 Hz
User Interface   Color 3.5" touch screen display
Connections   RS 485, Ethernet
Dimensions mm 225 x 390 x 422 h
Weight kg 17 17 20 22.5 22.5 25 25

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