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Producing Pure Nitrogen Flows with PSA Filtration Technology

ErreDue designs, constructs, and sells gas generators, mixers, and gas purifiers, with flow rates ranging from a few liters/hour up to hundreds of cubic meters/hour.

All of ErreDue products are engineered with the aim of providing solutions to make their customers self-sufficient in creating their own technical gases through safe technologies. ErreDue’s target is to remove the use of gas cylinders, thus avoiding the hazards originating from potentially dangerous materials’ storage, guaranteeing continuity and quality of production, and releasing the company’s resources.

The company takes quality very seriously: every product is certified and tested so as to ensure the highest reliability in time. Moreover, ErreDue’s technical service is available for intervention whenever needed.

Venus Series

N02 - N04 Series

These are modular nitrogen generators with flow rates ranging between 10 and 250 Nm3/hour. Purity ranges from 98% to 99.9995%.

N07 Series

These are compact nitrogen generators with flow rates up to 35 Nm3/hour. Purity ranges from 98% to 99.9995%.

What is Venus

The Venus nitrogen generator directly generates the nitrogen gas on site which is used in various industrial processes, enabling maximum ease of use and independence from gas suppliers. In addition, the use of a gas generator removes the risks of manipulating high-pressure gases.

Nitrogen gas is used in the thermal treatment of metals, MAP packaging of food and drinks, inertization, and in many other sectors. In the majority of cases, nitrogen gas can substitute the use of liquid nitrogen.

N06 Series

These are high capacity modular nitrogen generators with flow rates over 500 Nm3/hour. Purity ranges from 98% to 99.9995%.

How It Works

Safety and Efficiency

Nitrogen generators from ErreDue use the PSA filtration system for filtering ambient air to achieve a constant flow of pure nitrogen.

Ambient air contains by volume 20.8% oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, and the rest is traces of other gases such as hydrogen, helium, and argon.

The system is made up by two sets of aluminum extruded columns which are filled with carbon molecular sieves (CMS). A stream of pre-treated and compressed air flows through the columns from the bottom to the top. While the oxygen is absorbed by the filtering material, the nitrogen outgoing from the top of the towers is gathered in a storage tank and can be used readily.

The PLC control system with ErreDue’s dedicated software automatically runs the key functions of the production process. For a predetermined period of time, a sequence of columns is kept in operation; when the control system is nearly saturated by absorbed gas, it automatically activates the other set of columns. Next, the content of the first series of columns is purged into free air and the filtering material is again generated with a counter-flow of gas.

The production system contains a double set of columns that enable increased gas production by simply adding more columns. Nitrogen purity is up to 99.9995%.

Flexibility and Quality

Nitrogen flow generated with Venus generators is inversely proportional to the requested purity: with each model, different flow rates at different purity levels can be obtained; for instance, a GN30 of the N02 series can generate either 8.5m3/hour at 99.9995% purity or 50 m3/hour at 98% purity.  

The Venus generators don’t have to be installed and they simply require a compressed air supply and a power plug to be ready for use.

Producing Pure Nitrogen Flows with PSA Filtration Technology

Venus Series - Picture 1
Venus Series - Picture 2
How It Works

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