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Nitrogen Generators Using Pressure Swing Adsorption for Laboratory Applications

Production range Nl/min 1 1 - 0.8 22 - 1 .6 33 - 2.4 44 - 3.2 55 - 4
Purity range % 98-99.999 98-99.999 98-99.999 98-99.999 98-99.999
Standard output pressure bar 6 6 6 6 6
Integrated compressor (optional) YES Only for flow rates up to 8l/min NO NO NO
Power supply 1 10-120V 60 Hz / 220-240V 50 Hz
Interface Color 3.5” touch screen display
Dimensions mm 370 x 710 x 590h 370 x 760 x 590h
Connection RS 485, Ethernet
Gas connection 1 /8 SWAGELOK


In the GALILEO Nitrogen generators, the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology is used to generate a continuous flow of pure nitrogen, already maintained at working pressure by the integrated air compressor, which eliminates the need for further equipment.

GALILEO Nitrogen generators require only ambient air and power to generate pure nitrogen without using chemicals.

GALILEO generators are completely self-operated and generate only the needed amount of gas without any wastage.

GALILEO comes in five different models that have distinct flow rates and purity levels to fulfill the needs of every laboratory. The GALILEO generators have a distinctive modularity enabling users to ramp up production as and when required, by simply adding one or more modules.

The nitrogen gas generated by GALILEO is used for different types of analyses like LCMS, thermal analysis, ICP, GC, and any laboratory application requiring nitrogen. Furthermore, nitrogen gas can be used for solvent blanketing or as a carrier gas.

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