Table Top Precision Saw - IsoMet High Speed Pro

Providing precise and efficient cuts with intuitive control, the Buehler IsoMet High Speed Pro is a table top precision saw. Quick and simple set-up is ensured by the innovative machine and vise designs. The precision laser, 3-axis blade movement and tool-less adjusting mechanism can be used to quickly align cuts. It is now possible to make precision and abrasive cut samples more quickly without negatively affecting cut quality.


Highly Reproducible Results

  • Program serial sectioning to make multiple cuts at a time
  • Automatic precision sectioning for consistent and repeatable results

Intuitive User Interface

  • Simple touch screen layout for quickly changing cut parameters
  • Active icons to visually represent machine parameters
  • To repeatedly perform a consistent cut, methods can be loaded and saved from the main screen

Quick Sample Adjustment

  • In seconds adjust sample placement with the rapid rail and vising system
  • Visually align cuts with ease through use of the laser

Controllable Cut Quality

  • Manual section samples with the precision controllers

Excellent Cut Quality for Delicate Samples

  • Cut delicate samples with precise accuracy
  • Minimizes damage to system and sample with SmartCut™ by adjusting feed rate
  • Compatible with external recirculating system for abrasive sectioning
  • For time savings, the automatic dressing system will keep the diamond blade cutting at optimal levels reducing sample deformation
Buehler IsoMet High Speed Precision Saw

Table Top Precision Saw - IsoMet High Speed Pro

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