Material Characterization Services to Build Proprietary Material Databases

Moldex3D provides their customers with a proprietary material database to provide characterization services for both thermoplastic and thermoset purposes. This database has been developed as a result of the consistent need that most companies have to utilize an internal proprietary database that provides correct and accurate data for their material purposes. The following characterization services are incorporated into the Moldex3D database:


  • Shear Viscosity
    • This property is measured by capillary viscometer (Model: Gotech CR-6000 and Gottfert Rheograph 25) at three different processing temperatures and a reasonable range of shear rates. The analysis of this property plays a significant role in determining sprue pressure, melt front advancement, clamping force and much more.
    • It is therefore imperative for shear viscosity measurements to be incorporated into all Moldex3D analysis. Note that this measurement can be made available with Bagley correction upon request.
  • PVT
    • To acquire PVT data, a special Gottfert Rheograph 25 device must be used at various temperatures and pressures. Thermal conductivity plays an important role in calculating all heat transfer related behaviors of thermoplastic materials such as cooling time and temperature distribution. As a result, this property is necessary for all analysis performed by Moldex3D products.
  • Heat Capacity
    • This property is measured through the use of a standard Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) (Model: Perkin Elmer DSC-8500). Since heat capacity plays an important role in thermal conductivity and ultimately all heat transfer-related calculations, it is a necessary property for all Moldex3D analysis.


  • Chemorheology
    • Chemorheology describes the study of reactive viscosity at various temperature, time and shear rates. CoreTech has recently developed a proprietary technique for the characterization of this property that is achieved through the use of a parallel-plate rheometer (Model: Anton Paar MCR502).
    • Since this property plays an important role in the calculation of sprue pressure, melt front advancement and clamping force, it is a necessary component of all Moldex3D RIM analysis. Note that chemorheology of an ultra-low viscosity two-liquid type thermoset can also be made available upon request.
  • Curing Kinetics
    • Curing kinetics describes the study of curing rate at various times and temperatures. CoreTech has developed a proprietary characterization technique by utilizing a DSC (Model: Perkin Elmer DSC-8500).
    • Through the use of this system, users are able to obtain crucial measurements relating to the calculation of sprue pressures, melt front advancement and clamping force, to name a few. Curing kinetics is a necessary component of all Moldex3D RIM analysis.

Characterization Reports

All raw data, material model constants and Moldex3D material data is incorporated into the final report.

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