eDesign Solution Packages to Validate Part and Mold Designs

The Moldex3D eDesign Solution Package is an easy-to-use package that is equipped with an interface to allow users to efficiently prepare part and mold modeling procedures. Furthermore, users are also able to work in a CAD environment without requiring any prior knowledge on how this system works.

Moldex3D provides users with a unique 3D model that includes product insights, flow visualizations, and thermal properties to optimize all processes associated with the physical parts prior to their constructions. In conclusion, the Moldex3D eDesign Solution Package allows companies to easily design their products while maintaining high quality levels, low development costs, and reduced time-to-market.

Product Features

  • Automatic 3D meshing systems
  • Rapid and easy model preparation
  • Melt delivery and cooling systems are included
  • 3D numerical simulation solutions provide real-world performance rates
  • Figures and animation results improve communication

Validating Your Design with Moldex3D eDesign

  • Model physical parts with complete runner and cooling systems
    • The interactive interface allows users to easily construct their physical parts. Wizard tools can also be used to guide users throughout each step of developing their melt delivery system that includes sprues, runners and gates, as well as for constructing coolant channels and the mold base, all the while automatically detecting the presence of any potential errors in the process.
    • The auto-meshing tools significantly reduce the complexity associated with preparing models to ultimately improve the efficiency of validating designs.
  • Accurately perform 3D numerical analysis
    • The Moldex3D eDesign solution improves the reliability of analyzing complex injection molded parts. Designers can obtain the in-depth appearance to detect potential defects that result following comprehensive analysis. Within this system both the Material Database and Process Wizard allows users to iterate on design changes and optimize their processes at early stages in an easier manner.
  • Automatically generate reports and present results in various ways.
    • The Moldex3D eDesign solution offers various post-processing tools that allow users to demonstrate the molding process and product properties with real-time contours, graphs, and animations.
    • By utilizing the automatic report generator, users can quickly generate reports and benefit from efficient communication rates. In conclusion, Moldex3D increases the confidence users have in their design by improving decision-making during the early stages of these processes.

eDesign Solution Packages to Validate Part and Mold Designs

Automatic 3D meshing systems
Fast and easy model preparation with melt delivery & cooling systems
3D numerical simulation solutions bring real-world performance
Figures & animations results enhance communication

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