Professional Solution Packages with Design Tools for Simulation

The Moldex3D Professional Package offers users with all types of design tools for simulation purposes. By utilizing this tool, users can obtain unique product insights and properties in order to further optimize the processes that occur prior to the construction of physical components.

In combination with 3D Coolant CFD in order to fulfill RHCM and Conformal Cooling analysis requirements, the Moldex3D Professional Solution Package is able to increase the amount of benefits and value the product offers its users. This package is equipped with a designer BLM module preprocessing interface that is supported by Non-Matching mesh technology in order to facilitate both part and mold modeling.

Furthermore, auto-meshing technology allows this tool to easily work with CAD without requiring users to have prior CAD knowledge. Overall, the Moldex3D Professional Solution Package can be used to assist companies in their quest to improve their design reliability while reducing development costs and time-to-market in the process.

Product Features

  • Rapidly create a part with a complete runner and cooling system
    • The Moldex3D Designer, which is the 3D model pre-processor, is an automatic interface that allows users to easily build their physical components. Various Wizard tools offer users with simplified and guided steps, all of which come with an automated issue advisor, to create melt deliver systems, cooling channels, and the moldbase.

  • Accurately perform 3D numerical analysis
    • This tool comes with 3D solvers that function to confidently and efficiently analyze complex injection-molded parts. As a result, designers are provided with in-depth knowledge and information regarding the potential defects detected during the comprehensive analysis.
    • Both the Material Database and Process Wizard allow for users to easily iterate on their design revisions to ultimately optimize their processes at early stages in the analysis.

  • Automatically generate reports and present results in customized ways
    • The Moldex3D post-processing tools allow users to demonstrate molding process and product properties through real-time contours, graphs, and animations. The automatic report generator products reports quickly while also increasing the efficiency of communication rates. Overall, the Moldex3D increases design reliability while also increasing the success of decision-making processes.

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