Advanced Solution Packages for Product & Mold Designers to Advanced CAE Experts

The Moldex3D Advanced Solution Package offers users with the ability to obtain crucial details on a wide variety of design types ranging from thin-wall molded parts to complex models that exhibit fine features.

By incorporating 3D Coolant CFD to fulfill RHCM and Conforming Cooling requirements, the Moldex3D Advanced Solution Package increases the ability to provide benefits to users that range from product and mold designers to advanced CAE experts.

In addition, the designer BLM module that is supported by Non-Matching mesh technology, is also incorporated into the pre-processing interface in an effort to facilitate the creation of both parts and molds. To this end, the auto-meshing technology allows users that do not have prior CAD knowledge to feasibly work in CAD.

By combining both 2.5D and 3D modeling technologies, the Moldex3D Advanced Package ensures that users can acquire the most accurate and efficient performance rates. In addition, this tool offers a diverse and robust library of elements that ensures the fidelity of their solutions. Through this interface, users are able to acquire information regarding their product insights and properties.

As a result, users are able to specifically optimize their manufacturing processes prior to the actual construction of physical parts. Overall, the Moldex3D Advanced Solution Package assists companies in designing their products with improved confidence levels to ultimately reduce development costs and time-to-market.

Product Features

  • Combines both 2.5D and 3D modeling advantages
    • Allows for both accurate and efficient solutions to be achieved
  • Supports automatic eDesign meshing technology
  • Supports automatic BLM with Non-Matching mesh topology technology
  • Interactive 3D Meshing technology
    • Supports high fidelity Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM), hybrid mesh and versatile element types
  • Provides users with figures and animations
    • Thereby improving communication

Build a Wide Variety of Models with Complete Runner and Cooling Systems

The Moldex3D Advanced Solution Package provides users with a wide variety of meshing tools that can be used to build precise and efficient 2.5D and 3D models. When designing conventional injection molded parts that exhibit a large surface area and shell-like characteristics, the Moldex3D Advanced Solution Package offers meshing tools that can be used to construct 2.5D midplane (shell) models that are fast and robust to solve.

The 3D eDesign meshing technology provides an automatic workflow that allows users to easily construct their models. Furthermore, auto wizards can be used to guide users through the steps required to create melt deliver systems, coolant channels and mold bases, all of which benefit from automatic error detection.

Various solid elements exhibit a unique robustness that allows users to visualize specific details regarding particular areas of their models including fine features and flow behavior around the gates and corners. All Moldex3D pre-processors amplify the power of injection molding simulation and simplify the processes required to create models, all the while increasing the innovative efficiency of plastics engineers.

Accurately Perform Both 2.5D and 3D Numerical Analysis

The Moldex3D Advanced Solution Package is capable of simulating complex 2.5D models at a rapid rate. Similarly, the powerful 3D solvers provided by this package allows users to specifically address complex injection-molded parts with improved confidence and efficiency rates.

As a result, designers can obtain in-depth knowledge and detect any potential defects that result following comprehensive analytical procedures. By utilizing both the Material Database and Process Wizard, this system also assists users in improving the ease of iterating design changes to ultimately optimize the early stages of their molding processes.

Accurate Analyses Support Versatile Extensions for Insightful Process Innovation

The Moldex3D Advanced Solution Package specifically targets the issues associated with complex injection molding processes in an effort to ensure the production of high fidelity simulation results. The powerful meshing algorithms that fuel this tool allow for conventional shell-like parts to be rapidly and efficiently calculated.

Additionally, the powerful meshing capabilities of this tool allows for both versatile extension and advanced molding processes to occur, allowing insightful process innovation to be a realistic end goal. The unique high performance rates of this tool allows for efficient and rapid parallel computing of any complex 3D simulations.

Automatically Generate Reports and Present Results in Customized Ways

The Moldex3D post-processing tools allow users to demonstrate molding process and product properties through real-time contours, graphs, and animations. The automatic report generator produces reports quickly while also increasing the efficiency of communication rates. Overall, the Moldex3D increases design reliability while also increasing the success of decision-making processes.

Advanced Solution Packages for Product & Mold Designers to Advanced CAE Experts

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