Consulting Service - Plastic Product Design

As a company that specializes in developing professional CAE for injection molding, Moldex3D is equipped with a complete understanding of CAE technologies and how to gain the highest level of accurate data from these tools.

Furthermore, Moldex3D works with numerous solution providers, some of which include material suppliers and sensor or instrument suppliers, to provide a CAE report, as well as a complete solution proposal to Moldex3D customers. In fact, Moldex3D has provided over 8,000 consulting service projects to their customers around the world.

Consulting Service for Plastic Product Design

The Moldex3D CAE tools have been combined with the company’s experience in assisting customers with their product development to create a consulting service for plastic product design. Since this type of design must be connected with various other aspects of the plastic development process, such as mold design, materials, and process conditions, Moldex3D provides precise analysis results through each of their own technologies.

These simulation technologies include Moldex3D Flow, Pack, Cool, and Warp, all of which, when combined together, create an optimized solution suggestion for customers based on their product design and process requirements.

With over 8,000 industrial cases of experience, Moldex3D’s proven technology has been shown to identify problems that exist in both the production and performance aspects of product design.

By immediately identifying these potential issues, Moldex3D’s solutions eliminate potential problems prior to the release of the tool. Furthermore, any potential changes to the engineering of the product can also be evaluated prior to its production in order to study the potential effects of any adjustments.

Products that have been developed and analyzed by Moldex3D have been shown to exhibit improved performance rates while also molding at a more profitable cost as compared to other products. As a result, Moldex3D customers can enjoy a competitive advantage by utilizing this tool to meet aggressive design goals and ultimately launch their products on time.

Advanced Development Project Service

Moldex3D, as a result of their expertise in plastic processing, has been able to help thousands of users around the world for a wide variety of project purposes. For example, projects may include, but are not limited to, those relating to polymer science, compound, material characterization, as well as process design, and optimization.

Successful Cases

  • Development of a special mixing device for two-liquid reactive materials
    • Improved the device in an effort to improve homogeneity while simultaneously reducing the occurrence of pressure drops.
  • Plastic biological consumables application
    • Designed and optimized a tool for this application
    • This project was able to benefit from significant reductions in cycle time by 40%, as well as lowering the tooling cost by 30%, for price-sensitive plastic consumables.
  • Diagnosis of material degradation in connector manufacturing
    • Developed and implemented standard material quality check procedures for virgin and regrind material in an effort to improve production consistency.
  • Identification of plastic composition for improved electromagnetic performance rates
    • Provided assistance in characterizing plastics present within a microwave transmission device to improve material quality.
  • Balance runner designs of multiple cavity geometrically balanced molds
    • Incorporated MeltFlipper Technology in the designs of these specific molds to provide rheological balance and overall improve the quality of these molds.

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