Platform for Physical Failure Analysis Applications in Semiconductors and Material Characterization - S9000X

TESCAN’s S9000X FIB-SEM is designed for the detailed and fast analysis of challenging materials or for difficult physical failure analyses of semiconductors. The high sensitivity of the instrument, combined with the depth of detailed surface information it can capture, makes it suitable for both the analysis of large-scale samples in 3D and for the analysis of nano-sized features and samples.

The S9000X is an industry leading FIB system allowing cross-sectional analysis over a large area without damage to the surrounding structure(s). This technology is of high benefit for the analysis of optoelectronic devices, microelectronics, batteries and other packaged technologies.

Semiconductor physical failure analysis has become increasingly difficult as the devices to be analyzed continue to gain new layers of complexity, whilst also becoming more compact, resulting in a high internal density. In order to analyze such complex systems highly sensitive analytical systems are required.

The S9000X is designed for the analysis of the complex structures present in semiconductors, optoelectronic devices, nanomaterials and integrated circuits.

The system uses state-of-the-art Triglav™ imaging to provide high sensitivity, contrast and resolution. In addition, the FIB column uses novel technology, iFIB+™, to push the limits of Xe plasma FIB and provide rapid large-scale microengineering and cross-sectional 3D microanalysis.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art Triglav™ column – Provides ultra-high resolution SEM for highly detailed images and excellent performance at a low beam energy, supported by enhanced In-Beam detection.
  • Novel iFIB+™ Xe plasma FIB column - Industry-leading field of view, facilitating cross sectioning over large areas.
  • Advanced SEM In-lens Detection and Fast Sputtering – Facilitates rapid 3D microanalysis.
  • Intuitive SW Modules, Recipes, and Wizards – Makes the system easy-to-use at high throughputs.
  • Fine-Scale Piezo-Driven Beam Aperture Changer – Facilitates rapid changes between FIB pre-sets.
  • 30 FIB Apertures Provided – Extends lifetime with less need for maintenance.
  • Wizard for Semi-Automated Spot-Optimization - Makes selection of FIB milling conditions simple.
  • Axial Electron Signal Collection with Energy-Filtering – Improves surface sensibility.
  • Proprietary Gas Chemistry and Recipes – For physical failure analysis of packaging technologies and IC planar deprocessing.
  • New Essence SW GUI –  For faster, easier and smoother operations, including collision model and customizable, application-oriented layout

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