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High Tensile, High Strength Engineering Steel - EN16 (605M36T)

EN16 (605M36T) from Thames Stockholders is a low alloyed manganese-molybdenum through-hardening steel. It is known as a commercially popular ‘all-rounder’. Providing high strength and tensile features, EN16 exhibits similar mechanical properties to EN8 but gains from shear loading, enhanced frictional wear, and shock resistance. EN16 is said to be a feasible alternative to other steel specifications comprising of nickel and chromium. EN16 (605M36T) also offers superior ductility and is easily machinable.

The corresponding British specification for EN16 is 605M36T.


Machinability of EN16 (605M36T) is generally good although generous quantities of lubricant must be used during the machining process so that the steel does not rip in a similar manner to EN8 under the same circumstances. EN16 is harder to polish to a bright finish when compared with other engineering steels in the range.

It is possible to harden and temper EN16 to the T-condition. It is a perfect steel product for use in greater tensile strength applications realizing an overall strength of 770 N/mm² in regular use, although even greater strength can be attained in smaller sections (up to 930 N/mm²). EN16 (605M36T) is very suitable for use in most high load and shock applications — because of the material’s ductility, it has plenty of ‘give’ before breaking and resists bending/shearing. EN16 is not susceptible to temper embrittlement when heated. EN16 provides good hardenability up to a diameter of 39 mm and can be welded, however, a precautionary pre/post heat treatment is recommended.

Product Consistency

EN16 profits from being a bright steel, cold drawn material as it provides good dimensional precision and a consistent cross-section; it is flatter and straighter than a comparable mild steel product, which in turn results in more economical machining. Thames offers a depth of stock which is in closer incremental sizes. This means that customers can buy EN16 (605M36T) bright steel cold drawn bars that are closer to their finished size requirements. This is of substantial benefit to engineers and fabricators as in some cases there may be no necessity to machine the material down. Thames’ ability to cut bars to size using its in-house processing facilities also has a progressive impact on the supply chain process, particularly as rapid response times can be offered.

The only potential problem in the use of EN16 (605M36T) is the raw material cost which can be a slightly higher than other engineering steel products, however, the steel's versatile features make it a prevalent product.


EN16 (605M36T) is a versatile and widely used engineering steel and thus has a broad range of commercial applications. Examples include:

  • Applications requiring high shock resistance
  • Hubs, shafts, bolts, and axles
  • Connection rods, high load couplings, pistons
  • Lifting gear, crankshafts

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