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Carburizing Engineering Steel - EN36 (655M13)

EN36 (655M13) from Thames Stockholders is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum based case hardening engineering steel which is precisely designed for carburizing. The incorporation of the nickel increases toughness and shock resistance while the chromium increases the material's hardenability offering it an even hardness. After being hardened and carburized, EN36 can attain a core strength of up to 1230 N/mm². EN36 (655M13) is used particularly in heavy duty and extremely stressed applications because of its toughness, hardenability, and high core strength. EN36 also provides superior fatigue resistance.

Carburized vs Non-Carburized

After the carburizing process, EN36 maintains a robust core while providing good toughness and can be easily processed. EN36 is an adaptable material which provides superior toughness and fatigue resistance. The material is typically supplied in the annealed condition which delivers hardness up to 255 HB. It can also be supplied in the un-carburized condition as a substitute. This results in a high tensile steel and if appropriately hardened and tempered, EN36 can be employed in applications necessitating good strength and toughness. EN36 can be nitrided in the un-carburized state for better surface hardening, however, flame and induction hardening is not an option because of the material's low carbon content. In some cases, it may be essential to soften EN36 (655M13) after carburizing and before heat treatment.


EN36 delivers excellent machinability and weldability when supplied in the annealed condition, although when welded, the material has to be stress relieved after cooling. Welding is not, however, advisable in the carburized or heat treated condition. Machinability options including turning, drilling, milling, and tapping are all ideal as long as the tool type, speeds, and feeds are used to the machine manufacturer’s recommendations.


EN36 (080M15) is a general engineering steel that is suitable for producing lightly stressed components and parts. Application examples include:

  • Connecting rods with case hardened ends
  • Aircraft and automotive crankshafts
  • Highly stressed gears, collets, and gudgeon pins
  • Heavy duty gears, ring gears
  • Couplings and shafts
  • Heavy duty bushes
  • Ball and roller bearings

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