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Chromium Molybdenum Nitriding Steel - EN41 (905M39)

EN41 (905M39) is a chromium-aluminum-molybdenum engineering steel from Thames Stockholders, which is ideal for nitriding and once nitrided, provides a hard-wearing casing that is better than EN40B. It is supplied in the hardened and tempered ‘R’ and ‘S’ condition. EN41 delivers an exceptional overall combination of abrasion and wear resistance. With high ductility and toughness, EN41 nitriding steel is used in the production of die casting dies, shackle pins, and clutch plates.

EN41 (905M39) in the ‘R’ condition provides a tensile of 700-850 N/mm² while EN41 in the ‘S’ condition provides a tensile of 775-925 N/mm². After nitriding, wear resistance is 68 HRC, which is higher than EN40B.

About Nitriding

EN41 (905M39) supplied hardened and tempered in the ‘R’ or ‘S’ condition but subsequent nitriding gives numerous benefits. The process imparts a high wearing abrasion resistant surface which in turn offers effective resistance to wearing, galling, scuffing, and seizure.

An extra benefit of nitriding EN41 is that the fatigue resistance of the steel is also considerably increased. While the nitriding process is time-consuming, the performance improvements it provides make EN41 an appealing material for use in a wide range of commercial applications. Another positive result of the nitriding process is minimal distortion.

EN41 (905M39) should be chosen for applications where an even greater hard-wearing surface is necessary as once nitrided, it outclasses another nitriding steel in the product range, EN40B. The welding of EN41 (905M39) is not advisable but machinability is good. EN41 can also be annealed if necessary.


EN41 (905M39) is provided in the ‘R’ and ‘S’ condition. Examples of commercial application include:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Valve and gate parts
  • Gears and pinions
  • Die inserts, cams, piston pins
  • Rollers and ball joints
  • Connecting rods, die casting dies
  • Clutch plates, plates used in brick pressing equipment

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