Imaging and Spectroscopy Software - Lightfield®

Princeton Instruments considers that real innovation comes from gaining a deep insight into what is essential to scientists. LightField® is Princeton’s vision for the future of spectroscopy software and scientific imaging. Together with the company’s award-winning spectroscopy and imaging products, LightField® is a game-changer, destined to become the standard for scientific software.

Whether you're involved in Raman spectroscopy, combustion, fluorescence, X-ray imaging, quantum imaging, or astronomy, you'll appreciate the flexibility and power of LightField®.

The innovative LightField® v6.5 is launched with automation support for Python scripts

Key Features

  • Powerful integrated math engine
  • Full control of PI cameras and spectrographs
  • Obtain directly from LabVIEW, MATLAB, and Python script interfaces
  • Export to preferred file formats live or after the acquisition
  • Smart search function
  • Email notification of experiment status
  • Synchronized view offers quick comparison to the same region or peak in two or more data sets
  • Supports IntelliCal wavelength and intensity spectral calibration

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