Micro Elemental Analyzer - UNICUBE®

Making good even better: as the technology leader in elemental analysis, Elementar benefits from more than 120 years of experience. Now the company has used their technical know-how to take the proven micro elemental analyzer vario MICRO cube to the next level - always focusing on the needs of the user.

This has resulted in the new UNICUBE for the elemental analysis of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur. UNICUBE combines the low costs and the sensitivity of a micro elemental analyzer with the flexibility and incredible robustness of a macro analyzer.

One Micro Elemental Analyzer for All Tasks

The UNICUBE can analyze 0.1 mg of a pharmaceutical sample at the same precision rate as it would analyze 1 g of an inhomogenous soil sample. The UNICUBE can analyze volatile gasoline or temperature-proof silicon carbide the same way it would analyze coal, foodstuff or sewage sludge.

Regardless of the sample that is being analyzed, the UNICUBE achieves accurate analysis without restriction of elements. Samples containing CHNS elements, as well as those containing a combination of elements such as CNS, CHN, CN, O and Cl, can all be analyzed in a single run.

Quiet Operation

The UNICUBE is equipped with a novel self-regulating cooling air circulation technology that allows it to be the quietest elemental analyzer currently available on the market. A low noise level - no louder than falling rain - means working with the UNICUBE is a quiet experience.

Smart Design for High Ease of Use

All UNICUBE components are clearly arranged and easily accessible. In addition, the furnace easily slides out to minimize any maintenance requirements while also maximizing uptime. The tool-free clamp connection system ensures that the UNICUBE remains leak-tight at all times. Users can therefore benefit from smooth analysis and confidence in their results.

High-Performance Micro Elemental Analysis for Sharpest Peaks

Through the use of Elementar’s proprietary and improved direct Temperature Programmed Desorption ( directTPD) technology, the UNICUBE achieves the highest level of reliability and performance rates as compared to any other gas separation technology.

The UNICUBE also utilizes one of the most powerful detectors currently available on the market, thereby allowing this instrument to accurately determine samples containing C:N and C:S elemental ratios of up to 12,000:1.

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