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Improved Pulse Acquisition Module with Greater Flexibility

As part of the T24 modular telemetry system, the T24-PA is a high-performance transmitter module that collects and processes pulse-related measurements such as speed of rotation, proximity, flow and count. All data transmitted by this module can be received by multiple T24 receivers, of which can include displays, handheld readers, analog outputs, relay modules and computer interfaces.

This module provides users with real time data at variable speeds with a direct line of sight range of up to 800 meters. Note that the wireless range can be extended when the high gain antennas and repeaters are used. The miniPCB module ensures data integrity and security, all the while avoiding local radio interference while using the license-free 2.4 GHz.

All T24 transmitters have been uniquely designed for optimal battery operation. Furthermore, these devices also support an ultra low-power sleep mode, while also offering a class-leading wireless coverage and range.

Transmitters can be configured to achieve transmission rates of once per minute to 200 per second. In addition, transmitters are capable of meeting the requirements of a wide range of measurement and monitoring applications.

Various enclosure choices are also available, which can enable battery connection, field connectivity and environmental sealing up to IP67 ratings, thereby ensuring that these modules are flexible for the user’s wireless sensor requirements.

The T24-PA also provides users with excitations of 3 V, 5 V and 12 V. Inputs accept volt free contacts, open collector, 5 V logic and quadrature. Selectable inputs include frequency, count, quadrature, mark (space), digital state, rpm and interval.

The T24 Toolkit software, which runs on a PC and is connected to a T24 base station, configures and calibrates the T24-PA module through either applying known inputs or by table entry. Furthermore, the T24-PA is available in various IP rated enclosures that include T24-ACM-PA, T24-ACMi-PA and T24-ACMm-PA.

Module transmits and receives giving:

  1. Full error detection and correction
  2. Data Encryption for complete security (128 bit AES)
  3. Calibration and configuration is achieved through radio telemetry
  4. Ability to be switched from sleep to operating mood through radio telemetry
  5. mV/V calibration is stored within the module
  6. Remote battery check

T24-PA Product Features

  • Increased flexibility to connect to sensors with a range of excitation volts of 3, 5, 12 Volts*
  • Improved overall battery life*
  • Additional measurement modes provide a greater usability, including quadrature, digital state mode and mark (space) ratio of the incoming signal*
  • Configurable on-board pull up or pull-down resistor*
  • Constant monitoring modes*
  • Wireless range reaches up to 800 meters (2,600 feet)
  • The miniature T24-PA transmitter module is available for pulse related measurements, designed for conveniently fitting inside sensors
  • High speed 200 updates per second
  • Low power mode
  • Remote power control for ‘on’ and ‘off’
  • License-free 2.4 GHz transmission
  • Simple wireless configuration and calibration
  • Available IP rated enclosures for integration:
    • T24-ACM-PA
    • T24-ACMi-PA
    • T24-ACMm-PA

* Maximum range achieved in open field site with the T24 acquisition module at a height of 3 meters (9.8 feet) above ground and the T24-HS held at chest height pointing towards the acquisition module. Specification at 3 V supply at 25 °C.

Improved Pulse Acquisition Module with Greater Flexibility

This wireless interface provides a high performance pulse measurement system.
Miniature OEM pulse acquisition board next to an AA battery for scale.
Enclosure options for the wireless pulse interface, the miniature size allows for it to be embedded within sensor housing.

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