Magnetic Flow Meter with Increased Low Flow Accuracy

The Sitrans MAG 5100 W is a magnetic flow meter that is equipped with a patented composite elastometer lining. As a result of this feature, the Sitrans MAG5100 W is suitable for all water flow applications, including ground water, drinking water, waste water, sewage and sludge.


  • Hard lining guarantees consistent accuracy throughout the appropriate temperature and pressure range
  • Soft elastomer facing gives a high abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for direct burial and constant flooding (IP68 rating)
  • Increased low flow accuracy for water leakage detection
  • Easy commissioning, SENSORPROM unit automatically uploads calibration values and settings


  • Water abstraction
  • Water distribution network (leak detection management)
  • Custody transfer water meters
  • Waste water treatment
  • Water treatment
  • Irrigation

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