Measure Static Equilibrium or Dynamic Non-Equilibrium Between Two Surfaces - SFA 2000

The SFA 2000, in combination with the FECO (Fringes of Equal Chromatic Order) multiple-beam interferometry technique measures forces (static- equilibrium or dynamic- non-equilibrium) between two surfaces in liquids or vapors, operating to a sensitivity of a few nN and a distance resolution of 1 Å (0.1 nm).

The figures demonstrate the SFA2000 (a) Basic Unit with optional add-ons. In figure (b), a diagram shows a section through the center of the instrument, and four distance control mechanisms are displayed, including a coarse micrometer, a medium micrometer, a fine micrometer and an ultra-fine (piezoelectric tube) control.

The system uses a ‘universal disk mount’ for both the lower and upper disks. These new disks supports can accommodate both cylindrical disks and a new type of rectangular dove-tailed disk, shown below.

The dove-tail disks can be mounted in the SFA 2000 with the main chamber filled with solution, making them suitable for the transfer of surfactant/lipid bilayer, polymer- or protein-coated surfaces into the apparatus without exposure to air.

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