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Photometric Sensor and Evaluation Boards for Automotive and Industrial Monitoring

Analog Devices’ ADUX1020 Photometric Sensor comprises of a 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a 20-bit burst accumulator. The very efficient ADUX1020 photometric sensor functions with a flexible light emitting diode (LED) driver. The ADUX1020 modulates the LED and measures the optical return signal. This ADUX1020’s digital engine includes circuitry as well as control for data aggregation and proximity detection. The device control circuity features flexible LED pulse width as well as period generation integrated with synchronous detection. A configurable analog front end (AFE), clock-generation LED driver, and digital logic complement the device circuitry.

The device logic offers a position and a smart sample mode (event-driven x, y coordinates, and relative z data). This ADUX1020’s AFE includes ambient light rejection to prevent corruption caused by external interference. A 1.8V I2C interface manages data output and device configuration. The design allows the completely integrated ADUX1020 photosensor to perform gesture, proximity, and presence measurements using a single emitter and sensor.

ADUX1020 Evaluation Boards

ADUX1020 Evaluation Boards

ADUX1020-EVAL-SDP evaluation board helps designers connect with the ADUX1020, gather data from the ADUX1020 sensor, and assess gesture recognition capabilities.

ADUX1020-EVALZ-LED is provided as a daughter board for the ADUX1020 sensor.


  • Can be used in many optical measurement applications, including gesture control and proximity sensing
  • Low power operation
  • Multifunction photometric sensor and signal conditioning
  • High-resolution position measurement
  • Fully integrated AFE, ADC, LED driver, and timing core
  • Enables an ambient light rejection capability using both optical and analog filtering
  • High sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • Proximity sensing to 20 cm
  • 400 kHz I2C interface
  • On-chip programmable flexible current sink for external LED
  • 1.8 V analog/digital core
  • Gesture/proximity works under infrared (IR) transparent glass or other materials
  • Gesture recognition with 0.5 cm to 15 cm range
  • Eight-lead, 2 mm x 3 mm, 0.65 mm height LFCSP
  • Simple integration with optics; no alignment and no lens is required


  • Gesture for user interface (UI) control in portable devices
  • Angle sensing
  • Presence detection
  • Industrial/automation monitoring

ADUX1020 Functional Block Diagram

ADUX1020 Functional Block Diagram

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