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Low Power 3D Hall Sensors with I2C Interface


  • 3D magnetic flux density sensing of ±160 mT
  • 12-bit data resolution for each measurement direction plus a 10-bit temperature sensor
  • Variable update frequencies and power modes (configurable during operation)
  • Programmable flux resolution down to 65 µT (typ.)
  • X-Y angular measurement mode
  • Triggering by external µC possible via I2C protocol
  • Interrupt signal to specify a valid measurement to the microcontroller
  • Temperature range Tj = -40 °C…125 °C, supply voltage range = 2.8 V…3.5 V
  • Power down mode with 7 nA (typ) power consumption


The TLE493D-A2B6 is capable of handling a range of sensing applications, including:

  • Multi-functional knobs
  • Gear stick position
  • Pedal/valve position sensing
  • Control elements in the top column module and multi-functional steering wheel


  • Component reduction because of the 3D magnetic measurement principle
  • Broad application range addressable due to high flexibility
  • Disturbance of smaller stray fields are negligible compared to the high magnetic flux measurement range
  • Platform adaptability because of device configurability

Ordering Information

Product Type Marking Ordering Code Package Default address write / read
TLE493D-A2B6 EB SP001689848 PG-TSOP6-6-8 6AH / 6BH

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