A Unique Integrated Solution for Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

The SECOM platform is a unique integrated solution for correlative light and electron microscopy that allows you to carry out correlative microscopy extremely quickly with the highest optical quality and overlay accuracy.

The combination of the labeling power of fluorescence imaging and the high resolution structural information of electron microscopy makes correlative microscopy the ideal tool to study the complex relationship between form and function in biology.

The SECOM is the only product that integrates fluorescence and scanning electron microscopy in one device by equipping a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with an inverted fluorescence microscope (FM).

The platform can be retrofitted on a SEM by replacing the door to the chamber of the SEM. This replacement supports a motorized stage and the objective and light path for the optical microscope.

As a result of its integrated design, switching from fluorescence to electron imaging is instantaneous as well as seamless. With the automated alignment procedure, you are directly imaging the right location at a high resolution. The SECOM platform comes equipped with an intuitive software package that is designed to easily acquire both types of information. The software package also has the ability to control the SECOM stage and the settings for the electron microscope.

The SECOM platform can easily be integrated in the existing workflow and acts as a fully equipped high-end optical microscope, without compromise on either optical or electron performance.

This system is being employed globally for cancer research, neuroscience, marine biology and cell biology.


Combining electron microscopy with super-resolution

DELMIC produces an integrated CLEM system with a super-resolution optical microscope, the SECOM SR. This system possesses all the features of the SECOM system, but is equipped with an incredibly powerful optical microscope for even more detail down to the nanoscale to study the complex relationship between form and function in biology.

Integrated CLEM

The ultimate correlative solution

The SECOM platform enables precise and straightforward correlative light and electron microscopy. The integration of two imaging modalities in a single device eradicates the need to switch between the optical and electron microscope and allows for much quicker imaging and a more sensible workflow. This allows you to accurately correlate two different types of information on the exact same cell, structure or tissue of interest.

Focus on Research

Automated overlay

As a result of the automatic overlay feature of the SECOM platform, you can spend the time otherwise used manually overlaying electron microscopy and fluorescence microscopy images on your research. The SECOM does not require the use of fiducials, and therefore ensures more efficient measurements and a limited impact on the sample.

Leading Optical Performance

The SECOM is comprised of the highest quality optical components, thereby guaranteeing users with the highest level of optical performance. Standard SECOM configuration comes with multiband imaging.

DELMIC’s unique vacuum compatible immersion oil allows users to utilize high-numerical aperture objectives in the SECOM platform. As a result, water-immersion and oil-immersion objectives are supported.

Fully Compatible

Use the full potential of your electron microscope

The SECOM can be installed as retrofit onto any SEM that is already being used by simple replacing the vacuum chamber door. As a system that is fully compatible with all standard detectors, the SECOM allows users to benefit from using the full potential of their electron microscope. Additional features that are supported by the SECOM include beam deceleration, in-lens detection and immersion mode. The SECOM, like all other DELMIC products, is compatible with all major SEM manufacturers.

Unrivaled Overlay Accuracy

Accurate, unbiased and user independent

With the unique automated overlay procedure of the SECOM platform, EM and FM images are always perfectly aligned. The unbiased automated overlay feature makes use of the unique patented cathodoluminescence marker technology, ensuring highly credible and efficient life science research.

What is vital to this procedure is the physical principle of cathodoluminescence. Light is produced at the position where the electron beam hits the glass. It is possible to detect this light by the camera of the fluorescence microscope and it acts as a temporary fiducial marker.                                

User-Friendly ODEMIS Software

The ODEMIS software is a user-friendly open-source platform that serves as a broad user base while also providing users with a unique and versatile system for a wide variety of research purposes.


The ODEMIS software comes with numerous powerful tools that improve imaging workflow. Of these features include auto-focus, export functionality and a history trail that stores all previously used stage coordinates.

Furthermore, advanced users can utilize a scripting interface in the Python to gain full control of the hardware and all of its associated imaging algorithms.

Take Control

Motorized precision stage

The SECOM sample stage is a motorized and closed-loop sample stage that improves the ease and accuracy of navigating samples on the nanoscale. With the use of precision piezoelectric stepping motors and optical linear encoders, this stage ensures that all acquisition procedures are fully automated.

Great Flexibility

Modular design

The combination of the ODEMIS software and the modular design of the SECOM system provides users with complete experimental freedom while also guaranteeing that any future proof setup can be easily upgraded.  

A Unique Integrated Solution for Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

Integrated CLEM
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SECOM - Picture 2
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Focus on research
Leading optical performance
Fully compatible
Unrivalled overlay accuracy
Take control
Great flexibility

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