Original Schmidt Live - The Cloud-Connected R-Value Concrete Test Hammer

Proceq has taken the Original Schmidt, the industry benchmark rebound hammer, and refined it into a cloud-connected instrument possessing matchless performance and ease of use.

Its full digital capability and the well-established durability of the Original Schmidt hammers combine to offer users the world’s most advanced R-value concrete test hammer.

A Versatile Tool

The Original Schmidt Live functions as a:

  • digital hammer with digital reporting and data sharing (via a free, all-inclusive Apple iOS app)
  • digital print console by wirelessly connecting to a Bluetooth printer and directly printing out test results
  • stand-alone digital hammer (using the digital display without the app and downloading the data to the app afterward, if necessary)
  • analog hammer (using it like an Original Schmidt hammer with the mechanical display, even without a battery)

It is also available as a model that functions as a digital print console by wirelessly connecting to a Bluetooth printer and directly printing out test results.

Original Schmidt Live: a comprehensive R-value rebound hammer for the concrete and paper sectors and geologists.

Save Time and Obtain Results with Confidence

Test on site and share results up to 80% quicker with the Original Schmidt Live than with traditional test hammers. Prevent transcription, read-out, and human errors, and avoid losing hand-written measurements, as all raw data is stored directly both on the device and on a safe and secure cloud. All data is saved immediately, even if you are not connected to the cloud at that moment.

Operator errors are stamped out. Impact angle corrections are done automatically. Series evaluation according to standards is completely automated.

Apple iOS App

  • Allows users to test in compliance with major standards
  • Visual reports are created using bar charts, lists, and statistics
  • Records data from the app to a web reporting tool
  • Report export options of CSV or PDF
  • Records GPS locations, enables adding notes, images, and audio comments using the Logbook feature for complete measurement activity traceability. Logbook feature for comprehensive measurement activity summaries
  • Impact results can be heard live in audio on Apple iOS devices via text-to-speech
  • Hammer verification management to help keep hammers calibrated as stipulated by standards


Advantages for the user:

  • Comprehensive Apple iOS app for measuring, reporting, and analysis
  • Light and strong fiber-reinforced shell
  • Web reporting tool for instant offsite data availability and synchronizing
  • Dual displays: analog and backlit digital
  • Powered by flight-safe AAA batteries
  • All mechanical components are Original Schmidt components to guarantee standards compatibility and durability

Impact Energy:

  • 2.207 Nm (N), 0.735 Nm (L)
  • 10 to 70 N/mm2 (1'450 to 10'152 psi)


  • Rock testing
  • Concrete
  • Additional applications:

Type N (impact energy 2.207 Nm)

  • Concrete compressive strength estimation
  • Concrete uniformity testing
  • Concrete compressive strength range 10-70 N/mm2 (1'450 to 10'152 psi)
  • Concrete screening test to identify core locations
  • In-situ rock testing on a massive rock

Type L (impact energy 0.735 Nm)

  • Paper roll hardness testing
  • Concrete testing on thin samples <100 mm
  • Rock testing on cores (complies with ASTM D5873)


Display: Any compatible Apple iOS device

Memory: 2,000 measurement series


  • Automatically detects and corrects for impact angle
  • Series validity checked automatically
  • Displays the series on-screen as you work
  • Select units, form factor, and correlation curves
  • Delete impacts
  • Review an entire series
  • Test region reporting
  • Create custom curves databases for your own mixes
  • Create your own custom curves
  • Make use of the current Original Schmidt custom curves

Battery: Standard AAA, alkaline or rechargeable



  • ISO 1920-7
  • USA: ASTM C805, ACI 228.1R
  • Russia: GOST 22690-2015
  • Europe: EN12504-2, EN13791
  • Japan: JCSE-G504
  • China: JGJ-T23
  • JIS A1155


Measurement Accessories:

  • Testing anvil Euro (310 09 040)
  • Site Anvil (340 01 300)

Verification Tools:

  • Original Schmidt Live verification - This helps to track the calibration of your hammer
  • Use the site anvil to verify on-site before and after measurements
  • The app will automatically remind users when a verification is necessary
  • Periodically checks against the Euro anvil back at the office

Original Schmidt Live: The Cloud-Connected R-Value Concrete Test Hammer

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