Powerful Particle Characterization with the LS Spectrometer

The LS Spectrometer is a powerful particle characterization instrument capable of performing both dynamic light scattering (DLS) and static light scattering (SLS) measurements. The LS Spectrometer offers manifold options that allow users to custom their configurations, in order to achieve an optimized solution for a wide range of research applications.

Product Features

  • DLS and SLS functions within the scattering angle range of 8° – 155°
  • Detector mounted on a fully automated and motorized goniometer with an angle resolution better than 0.01°
  • Particle characterization from 0.15 nm to 5 microns*: hydrodynamic radius (RH), radius of gyration (RG), size distribution, form and structure factor
  • Capable of determining precise molecular weight
  • Proprietary software interface allows for automated measurements and data analysis
  • The characterization procedure is a straightforward process that ensures robust alignment and exceptional long-term stability
  • Highly accurate temperature control
  • Particle characterization for nonergodic samples can be achieved through the use of an optional sample rotation stage
  • When the user must measure rotational and translational diffusion coefficients, an optional depolarized light scattering procedure can be employed
  • Customers benefit from a confidential online support forum

*maximum range, sample dependent

In order to make these complex measurements as straightforward as possible LSI has designed a robust user-interface which allows fully automated measurements and analysis of the results. Easy to use software such as the LSI Zimm Plot makes data treatment an easy process.

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