An Optical Rheometer for Fast and Reliable Measurements

The DWS RheoLab is an optical rheometer that is based on the DWS Microrheology technology. The RheoLab conducts contact-free measurements faster and at an unmatched frequency range, thereby making this system superior to any  rheometer currently on the market.


In addition to requiring only small sample volumes for measurement, all samples analyzed by the DWS RheoLab can besealed to maintain a contact-free and non-destructive environment, which is a crucial factor for stability or shelf-life studies over long periods of time. Measuring gel-point without disturbing the sample is simple task with the RheoLab.

The DWS RheoLab is an ideal system for the measurement of a wide variety of viscoelastic samples, of which include polymers, microgels, protein solutions, emulsions and particle suspensions, as well as for the specific requirements associated with the analysis of dairy and cosmetic products.

Product Features

  • Fully automated DWS Microrheology
  • Can be used for all homogenous transparent or opaque sample types
  • Viscosity measurement range for fluid samples: 0.1 mPa.s – 1000 Pa.s
  • Elasticity range: 1 Pa to 50 kPa
  • Storage and loss moduli G'(ω), G''(ω) in a frequency spectrum 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz (0.1 Hz to 10 MHz with Extended Frequency upgrade)
  • Computes the mean square displacement (MSD) of particles
  • Contact-free design prevents the need to apply mechanical force to the sample, thereby making this rheometer ideal for stability and shelf-life studies
  • Regulated sample temperature in the range of 4°C – 100°C (4°C to 180°C when extended temperature option is selected) *
  • Temperature stability: < 0.02°C *
  • Monitors time-dependent processes
  • Compact and robust design
  • Several cuvette sizes available
  • Sample quantity can be as little as 150 μL (for 1 mm thick sample cell)
  • Several options available
  • Particle sizing can be conducted at high concentrations
  • Online and confidential support forum available for all customers

*: Climate controlled room at or below 23 °C is required to meet these specifications, the minimum temperature cannot be below the dew point. For measurements below the dew point, a dry air source must be connected to avoid condensation.

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