Steelcheck - Magnetic Flux Leakage Tube Testing Instrument

The SteelCheck is a compact, battery-operated, 3-channel (Hall Sensor and two coils) tube inspection unit designed for carbon steel (ferromagnetic tubes) utilizing magnetic flux leakage.

It is not affected by external aluminum fins, unlike other remote field eddy current techniques, and can differentiate between internal and external defects.

The SteelCheck is packaged as a battery-operated, highly portable flaw detector at an affordable price, and provides excellent value for money.

  • 3-channel flux leakage tube testing system can discriminate ID, OD¸ defects and wall thinning
  • Dedicated single method tube inspection unit
  • Internal data logging system with PC application for desktop reporting
  • Suitable for ferrous tubing, particularly fan fin tubes
  • Easy-to-learn Ethernet user interface
  • Compact and rugged site proven enclosure
  • 8 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Daylight readable display
  • 2-year warranty


  • Inspection of carbon steel tubes
  • Detection of circumferential defects
  • ID/OD defect resolution
  • Unaffected by aluminum fins


  • Carbon steel tube inspection, particularly aluminum finned tubes

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