SigmaCheck2 Eddy Current (ECT) Conductivity Meter

Ether NDE’s SigmaCheck2 Eddy Current (ECT) Conductivity Meter has been developed to provide users with rapid and accurate conductivity measurements at an affordable price.

The SigmaCheck2 EC Conductivity Meter is very easy to use, thus making it ideal for use by engineers or shop inspectors.

The SigmaCheck2 ET Conductivity meets the requirements for conductivity measurements in the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance fields where conductivity measurements are used to validate correct alloy/temper or to spot heat damaged parts. Furthermore, the SigmaCheck2 Eddy Current Conductivity Meter is beneficial to establish the purity of precious metals (counterfeit detection), for example, gold bullion and coins.


  • Heat treatment verification
  • Material verification/sorting
  • Material aging assessment
  • Lightning damage investigation
  • Heat or fire damage investigation
  • Measuring phosphor content of Cu alloys
  • Determining material purity/composition
  • Observing of deposition process for non-ferrous material on a non-ferrous substrate
  • Forged/plated material detection
  • Checking the condition of extremely stressed parts


The SigmaCheck2 EC Conductivity Meter comprises of a large, color, LCD display that can be easily seen in all lighting settings.

The SigmaCheck2 is easy to hold in your hand due to the design of the sculpted housing. The SigmaCheck2 has a convenient size and weight — weighing just ¾ of a pound (350 g) and measuring less than 6 ½″ tall x 3 ¼″ wide x 1″ thick (163 x 80 x 25 mm). A removable silicon rubber boot is added to safeguard the instrument in rough environments. The standard probe has been built to securely fit in the hand of the user.

The SigmaCheck2 ET Conductivity Meter has a typical operating frequency of 60 kHz and auxiliary frequencies of 120, 240, 480 and optional 960 kHz can be chosen when necessary for examining thin materials with the standard probe.


  • True USB PC connectivity for remote control and data logging
  • Field exchangeable probes through SD card
  • The instrument can be easily charged using the USB connection and without having to switch the batteries

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