EtherCheck, Eddy Current and Bond Testing

ETher NDE is happy to introduce the advanced EtherCheck ET/Bond testing flaw detector that enables non-destructive testing (NDT). It has been developed for NDE on aerospace specific applications and provides the very best in bond testing and eddy current performance in a rugged, compact, and lightweight package.

Designed and developed in the UK, the EtherCheck flaw detector utilizes industry standard 12-Way Lemo and Co-axial Lemo 00 connectors, providing conductivity, rotary drive¸ and dual frequency as standard and also bridge, absolute, and reflection probe modes without the necessity for adapters.


  • Pitch catch bond testing mode
  • Dual frequency
  • Industry standard probe connectors
  • Rotary drive as standard
  • User-friendly interface
  • Large and crisp daylight readable display
  • Up to 7 hours of battery life with a rotary drive and 0 hours with a pencil probe

Works the Way You Do!

Featuring a daylight-readable 5.7” LCD color full VGA (640 X 480 pixels) screen, the EtherCheck ensures excellent signal resolution and presentation to operators irrespective of the working conditions, and thanks to the integrated “flip” function, it operates equally well for both left and right-handed users.

Lightweight, Rugged, and Easy to Use

The EtherCheck is lightweight at 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) and is housed in a robust metal casing. It features easy-to-navigate menu systems, provides up to 10 hours of battery life, and delivers excellent EC performance.

A simple “single-level” menu system is included in the EtherCheck. However, any menu item can also be added to the “Quick Menu” sidebar with its own easily recognizable icon, allowing faster adjustments at the time of the inspection process.

The EtherCheck has been solely designed with operator-selectable “soft keys”. Each menu item comes with its own easily recognizable icon. Four soft key positions are available for operator-selectable icons for commonly used functions, and a fifth position for the last menu function used. Moreover, each saved instrument setting can be related to an exclusive, one press set of quick access functions. Two front panel hard keys are also included that can be conveniently programed for quick one-press access to instrument functions.

Applications that Ether NDE Eddy Current Solutions Can Help With

ETher NDE provides eddy current non-destructive testing equipment and probes to a various number of industries including:

  • Metals processing
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas
  • Power generation
  • Construction
  • Transportation including rail and automotive

The applications offered using Eddy Current NDT are defined in this diagram:

Image Credit: Ether

In the table below, the application type and in which industries users are likely to come across this application are mentioned. The table then provides the users with information regarding what ETher NDE Eddy Current (ECT) NDT equipment is ideally suited for their application requirements.

Application Sub - Application Aerospace Metals Processing Power Generation Oil & Gas Transportation Rail / Automotive ETher NDE Best Solution ETher NDE Alternative Solution
Instrument Probe Instrument Probe
Defect Detection Surface Crack Detection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes AeroCheck2 Shielded Surface Probe WeldCheck2 Shielded Surface Probe
Sub-surface Defect / Corrosion Detection Yes Yes Yes No Yes AeroCheck2 Spot Faced Probe WeldCheck2 Spot Faced Probe
  Inspection with dual frequency mixing Yes No Yes Yes No AeroCheck+ Suitable Probe ETi-200 Suitable Probe
Material Sorting Non-Ferrous Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes SigmaCheck N/A AeroCheck+ Spot Face Probe
Ferrous Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes SigmaCheck N/A WeldCheck2 Spot Face Probe
Coating Thickness Assessment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes SigmaCheck N/A AeroCheck+ Spot Face Probe
Wall Thickness Assessment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes AeroCheck2 Spot Face Probe WeldCheck2 Spot Face Probe
Tube Inspection ID Non-Ferrous No No Yes Yes No ETi-200 ID Probe AeroCheck+ ID Probe
OD Non-Ferrous No Yes No No No ViCTor 2.2d Encircling Coil AeroCheck+ Encircling Coil
Weld Inspection As per EN1711 No No Yes Yes Yes WeldCheck+ Weld Probe WeldCheck2 Weld Probe
Hole Inspection Manual Yes No Yes No Yes AeroCheck+ Bolt Hole Probe WeldCheck2 Bolt Hole Probe
Dynamic Yes No Yes No Yes AeroCheck+ Mercury Rotary Drive AeroCheck2 Saturn or Mercury Drive
Thread Inspection   No No No No No AeroCheck2 Custom Thread Probe WeldCheck2 Standard Thread Probe
Automated Component Testing   No Yes No No Yes ViCTor 2 Differential Surface Probe WeldCheck2 Differential Probe
Wheel Inspection   Yes No No No No Veescan H Wheel Probe Veescan R Wheel Bead Probe

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