FT-IR Microanalysis Accessory for Bulky Samples

The SurveyIRVS is an infrared (IR) microspectroscopy accessory built to provide microanalysis capabilities for the broadest variety of sample shapes and sizes. In a groundbreaking design move, the stage of the SurveyIRVS is decoupled from the optical microscope. Thanks to this distinctive variable stage (VS) implementation, it is possible to carry out microscope analysis of a great variety of specimen geometries with ease.

The alignment-free optical design allows users to easily install accessories into almost any FT-IR spectrometer sample compartment. A high-resolution color video camera delivers research grade visuals, while high depth of field viewing optics allow for rapid specimen location and manipulation in reflection and attenuated total reflection (ATR) viewing modes.

The SurveyIRVS produces outstanding contrast over an extensive range of specimen morphologies, with the option to choose from on-board illumination modes, including oblique or reflected light illumination. The diamond ATR offers inimitable quality of viewing, making target alignment simple and ensuring first-rate sample/ATR coupling, including visualization of sample contact.

Analysts can visualize and interact with the sample during their observation of the IR spectrum, with the capacity for concurrent viewing and collection of data. IR performance is leveraged with the help of the on-board FT-IR spectrometer detector in reflection and ATR modes.

Visual image display, manipulation, capture, documentation, and storage are facilitated by eSpot™ software. This software also delivers the interface through which the user can choose an illumination mode as well as select remote image mask size from a range of six sample aperture options.

An extensively adjustable height and horizontal positioning system with locking mechanism enables gross stage placement. For final sample positioning, regular manual microscope controls, including x, y stage, and coarse/fine focus, are employed. When analyzing extremely large samples, it is possible to bypass this stage altogether.


This device can be used in applications including archeology, aerospace, criminalistics, quality control, art conservation, mineralogy, electronics and parts manufacturing.

Features and Specifications

  • User installed in the FT-IR spectrometer sample compartment
  • Employs on-board FT-IR spectrometer detector
  • Powered via external computer USB 2.0, +5VDC
  • 5 mega pixel CMOS color video camera, 2592 x 1944 maximum resolution
  • Research grade visual image quality, 1900 µm field of view
  • Optical magnification produces 0.7 µm/pixel at sample plane
  • On-board reflection, oblique, and external flexible LED illumination modes
  • IR reflection and diamond attenuated total reflection modes offered
  • Concurrent view/IR collection
  • Variable fixed diameter IR image mask – 2000, 250, 200, 160, 100, 60 µm – managed through eSpot software
  • eSpot software control of visual illumination mode and intensity, and IR mask selection
  • eSpot software control of image capture, storage, and documentation
  • eSpot software compatible with Windows™ 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Stand height/horizontal adjustment: 12 ½” maximum height adjustment, 14½” side-to-side adjustment, limitless front-to-back adjustment, 360° rotation
  • Manual coarse/fine z stage focus adjust: 2¼” travel
  • SurveyIR Optical Unit weight: 5½ lbs.

FT-IR Microanalysis Accessory for Bulky Samples

Inspecting polished granite countertop slab
Specular reflection of white inclusion
Video micrograph of two sections on a commercial aluminum can
IR spectra of both sections of the aluminum can showing differences in pigmentation

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